People limiting themselves to Hollywood

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    Do you guys notice anyone within our sphere(common sense sphere) that don’t realize there are other stuff besides Hollywood and the Big 2 that are good and non-woke such as anime, manga, tokustasu, Daily Wire Entertainment, Timcast Media Entertainment, Comicsgate Comics, and entertainment from Japan, India, and Korea?

    Why would they limit themselves to just Hollywood and the Big 2?


    I think you do have a lot of people who don’t look for any alternate sources of information or entertainment.  Meaning they don’t peak over the fence to see what others might be doing, trying or saying.  It’s easier and safer to stay in a bubble.  However it is far more interesting and fun to check other stuff out.  Even if you don’t like it at least you know.


    Good point @Vknid We got to break our people’s limit. Sure it is a difficult challenge. But we got to try. You know.


    Oh you are definitely correct on people not looking.

    I just pointed some friends to some u-tube channels doing star wars and Tolkien fan mades as well as Aliens… they were shocked how good they were and not they are looking…. Thing is we need more  studios like Daily Wire, but they must be large screen Public releases. We need more good theater…. But many good stories are already bought out properties.


    You are absolutely correct @Mustangride1


    Could you imagine if G&G had the financial resources to buy a well written Fantasy Novel series and then bring it to the screen… Probably get an NC-17 rating but stick to the Cannon and it would be great. Heck just reach back in time and write a NEW Fantasy Novel in with Elves, Fairies, Dwarfs. etc. Bring the Celtic legends to life in a new story.


    Honestly, at this point, if it were about talking cats, dogs and wombats I would watch/read it so long as it wasn’t woke trash.


    Because finding other stuff and watching things with subtitles takes effort. Most people are lazy. It’s like finding good music or good books or good restaurants. It takes effort.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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