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    its time we get a new perfect dark game its long over due and i feel like we need this badly especially for the next gen console


    I always loved the original Perfect Dark. To me, it’s better than Goldeneye as far as features and improvements. Goldeneye is always going to be the OG. If we got a Perfect Dark remake that’s the exact same game with modern graphics, I’d be very happy. With that said the chances of it happening are very low unfortunately.

    Three games from that era that I would like updated realistic graphics from are Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and Ocarina of time.


      Basically what you said. Man I miss my sims.


      You would think the studios would be excited to develop a FPS with such a strong female lead.

      I remember playing Perfect Dark on the N64 and loved it. I tried to replay it on the Rare Replay release but it just didn’t feel right on the XBox. I think building a new game from the ground up would be the best way to go.


        I don’t trust the current industry to make a good PD game.


        In this day and age? Wouldn’t trust any Western AAA dev with it at all. There are some real bigots in the industry these days that seem to despise beautiful, heroic women. They’d probably make Joanna look androgynous and strip away all her femininity.

        I enjoyed the original Perfect Dark, and I think it’s sort of a shame PDZ kinda flopped: The mechanics were clumsy, characters seemed like they were made out of rubber and it definitely could’ve used better writing. But it still had some redeeming qualities, such as the unique co-op objectives requiring players to really work together. I also prefer the younger version of Jo more: Her character design was a lot cuter, and the extended media around that time (novels and graphic novels) did a better job of fleshing out her character than the game did.

        Maybe it’s good thing Perfect Dark is basically a dead franchise now, as if they think they can make money off of it, certain parasites would undoubtedly ruin it.


        I really enjoyed Perfect Dark. It would be great to have a legitimate remake, but, like others have said, I don’t see it happening.


          Not in current year.
          Maybe a couple years down the line.


          No more remakes. These companies need to make original games. These “remakes” are new games covered with the skin of an old, popular game. They know their game would never sell as an original concept.


          I freaking love that videogame, best game to play in multiplayer shooter mode, next to Goldeneye.

          I love using the Laptop gun as a sentry.



          Perfect Dark is definitely a franchise that needs to make a grand return.  Honestly, I’m amazed it’s been on hiatus for as long as it has.


          Can’t edit for some reason. After thinking about it, Nintendo might be the only company that I trust to revisit older titles. Maaaaybe.

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