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    I’m currently working nights and during my downtime I’m rewatching MCU movies. I’ve been re-evaluating my opinions on movies and characters and so I thought I we could share some opinions on recent and early MCU movies. I will add to this as I progress through the MCU.

    Iron Man – Terrence Howard is not that charismatic compared to Don Cheadle.

    Iron Man 2 – in retrospect I really like this film. I didn’t like it as much when I first saw it.

    Captain America – I’m a history major so I’ve always liked this one.

    Thor – Jane Foster is a forgettable character she only becomes more unlikeable in the sequel.

    Overall I like the movie and don’t know why it’s so low on the list for some.

    To be continued…

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    My opinion on Jane Foster is pretty much the opposite. In the first Thor movie she had funny interactions with Thor when he was completely out of place on earth and she was kinda ehh but alright I guess, while in Thor 2 she was so annoying and just a useless character. I was glad they got rid of her but then I heard the news about bringing her back in Thor 4…


    Iron Man’s solo movies are surprisingly average in the MCU as a whole.

    Captain Marvel isn’t even that woke as a movie, but the movie is trash because Brie is so awful as the character. She performs slightly better in Endgame, but still objectively a bad character.

    Purely in terms of entertainment value, assuming that the viewer has watched all/most of the movies prior in the MCU, Infinity War is the greatest movie of all time.


    Going to be a shitshow… or Mr. Waititi is just trolling, the man is a maniac



    I couldn’t get into the MCU and only watched the films when someone happened to be playing them on tv.

    Seems to be mostly hype & meme fuel


    The Avengers – Epic theme song (given)

    I have to wonder if the infinity saga was thought all the way through by the time this movie was made because it doesn’t seem that way in retrospect.

    One of my favorite parts is the politician at the end “these so called heroes this is their mess….” you can clearly see that he’s a Democrat… now that the MCU is going woke I doubt we’ll ever see anything like that going forward.


    “Iron Man – Terrence Howard is not that charismatic compared to Don Cheadle”, agreed 100%

    I like Iron Man 2 when i’m watching it, but i can never remember it after watching it, it took watching it 5 times before i remembered more than Black Widow’s introduced in it and Whiplash has a pet parrot

    The first Thor movie’s actually one of my fave MCU movies, i was feeling pretty down when i first watched it, and Thor managed to cheer me up when nothing else could, i geuss i have Chris Hemsworth’s great performance to thank for that :3

    I don’t think Jane’s a bad character, i do think that they need to develope her more though, and i hope they don’t blow the chance they have to do that in Love And Thunder. Jane’s shown to be very protective of Thor in the first 2 movies despite having no powers, so i think it’s a given that when she does get powers, she’ll want to use them to protect him

    I really like the first Captain America movie, it has lots of great moments, and i love seeing 1940s MCU, but my fave Cap movie’s Winter Soldier, i really like the dinamic between Cap and Bucky, and how they have to get thru the whole brain washing thing, also the music from Winter Soldier’s my fave MCU music

    The Avengers, great, great movie :D

    You forgot The Incredible Hulk, it sucks… sorry Hulk


    On the whole I find them pleasantly entertainment.

    A nice mix a humor and action, with classical (70’s-80’s) comic adapted characters.

    Colorful yet realistic (yay, I am talking about you X-Men).

    One did not have to be a comic book fan to enjoy the movies.

    I just loved Deadpool, and hope the MCU can do justice with the character and its “adult” audience.


    Even so, me being a DC comic book collector/reader, I can still enjoy the genre and how well those films, stories, characters, were made.


    No open political or social or SJW BS.

    But then, something changed.

    We were told by one of the “stars” that the core fans were not unwelcome.

    And looking at what was being revealed about the next phases….

    … this is the time when the DCEU can overtake the MCU.


    The DCEU threw away the light heartedness and bright colors that made their heroes so great, so as to not look like it is just copying how the MCU did it.

    The darker version, while it works for a character like Batman, does not work for the Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and especially Superman.


    If the Synder cut turns out to be a success, and the MCU continues down the “go woke go broke” path, the next decade or longer will be the decade of the DCEU!

    As with Deadpool, going for a more mature movie is the way to go, IMO.

    Cartoons and those live action TV shows can remain for the teen/pre-teen and younger audience, but the films and some of the themes/story arcs they can adapt from the actual comic books, a kid friendly film is not the best for them.


    I like the MCU. I’m nervous they’re going down the woke route, but as for the past three phases, most of the films have been good. Infinity War is my favorite with Endgame close behind. If I had any complaints about the MCU as a whole (except for the incoming wokeness) it’s that I feel they overdo the jokes sometimes. MCU jokes are hit or miss for me. When they’re good, they’re hilarious and iconic. But when they’re bad, they suck (ex: The “WhAt ArE tHoSe?!?!” joke from Black Panther)


    Awww, i thought the “what are those?!?!” scene was a cute brother and sister moment for T’Challa and Shuri :3


    I agree with everyone about T. Howard.  I like Don Cheadle much better.

    Jane Foster.   Better in the 1st movie.   2nd one she was meh.

    Infinity War is a better movie but I prefer Endgame.  Except the cringe scene for me in that was the “new Banner/Hulk” breakfast scene making fun of Ant Man.

    My least favorite of them is Captain Marvel.   I could start an entire thread about the flaws in that movie.  It didn’t engage me at all.

    I wish the Black Widow movie would have come out right before Endgame.   It would have made her death even harder on the audience.



    Captain Marvel only had 1 redeeming quality



    I’ll agree with that!


    I didn’t watch “The Incredible Hulk” this time around, simply because it’s not on any streaming service that I’m aware of. I haven’t seen it in probably ten years, but I remember it well enough.

    My thoughts on the The Incredible Hulk are mixed. I neither hate or love the MCU Hulk. I grew up with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno so that has always been the Hulk I know.

    As a movie it could have been better, but I like the fact that it didn’t take itself too seriously. I suppose it’s weak point was the story wasn’t very cohesive or consistent.

    I appreciated the fact that the movie included a number of easter eggs for the TV show without going overboard. I had to explain to my wife startled wife why I suddenly leaped off the couch cheering the “lonely man theme”

    For the most part I like a Edward Norton as an actor, but as I previously mentioned the MCU will always be second to Bill and Lou.

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    Iron Man 3

    I know Iron Man 3 gets a bad rap overall but I liked it for the most part the first time I saw it.

    Since I am sharing my thoughts I decided to take a fresh look.

    This movie was the first to be released following The Avengers, and that’s a tough act to follow.

    The Mandarin… I understand that devout Iron Man fans would take issue with this and I can’t blame them but at the same time it made for an interesting plot twist. At least they corrected this in a One Take.

    The PSTD part of the story, I’ve dealt with PTSD and still have panic attacks from time to time so I was actually sympathetic to Tony in that regard.

    I liked the relationship with Ty Simpkins character. Ty is an impressive actor and was a good choice for that role.

    My opinion of the film didn’t really change but I wanted to elaborate rather than give a thumbs up.

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