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    In this forum, we can discuss all things about Pewdiepie, the biggest YouTuber on the platform. I have been watching him lately and enjoyed his honest playthrough of the Last of Us Part 2. His reactions were genuine and enjoyable to experience. I also enjoy his meme videos that he uses to review memes around the Internet on Reddit. What do you enjoy about Pewdiepie? What do you dislike about Pewdiepie? Whatever you think of the YouTuber, let me know below.


    Well I started watching pewdiepie back in early 2016. To be honest at first he was just an edgy guy to me but in 2017 I’ve started to noticed change. In 2018 I was able to understand most of his hidden jokes and I was fascinated by how funny he can be.  I really wish he can still be a bit edgy but these days people on social media just wanna cause problems.
    What I like about pewdiepie is how honest he is.

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    I used to think PewDiePie was a joke back in the day and tried to ignore him. But events over the last few years made me realize he’s actually amazingly based. Now I understand why he’s popular and he does seem like a cool dude you could just chill with.

    Also, this was adorable. He and Marzia are too pure for this world.


    Pewdiepie is epic


    He’s based.


    Watch him now and then. You can see why people like him. Did enjoy his LOU2 reactions, lol.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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