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      I know it’s not a big deal these days (or ever, for that matter) but I enjoy Trophy/Achievement system. So, I thought I’d make a thread for it.
      If you have any you want to share or just want to talk about a posted game, please do.


        117. Marvel’s Avengers
        The game deserves all the criticism it gets (except for people crying about it being multiplayer).
        The combat system was so good that most of those issues didnt bother me. I’m also the type that doesnt mind redoing levels and getting better at them (I, also, only gave 15 bucks for it. That might have something to do with it)

        Marvel's Avengers


        My latest Platinum trophy is Mortal Kombat 11.  Fighting games are usually really hard to complete 100%, so I was happy I pulled that one off.


          I love MK11.
          It’s trophy list was far more realistic than MK9 or MKX’s.
          MK9, specifically, required you to clock 24 in match hours with every non-dlc character.

          Tekken 7 and Nitroplus Blasters are really easy fighting games to platinum.


          Recently got platinum on Ghost of Tsushima, Star Wars: Fallen Order and Horizon Zero Dawn. Pretty easy games to get platinum, although satisfying


            Nice job, @MrBidwell .

            I got Horizon a few months ago. I was surprised at all the heavy handed feminist messaging only I seem to notice (Like every scene Aloy feels like she needs to point out her gender. Characters talking about how females are held down while females are in every leadership position in the game except 1 which is a cuck that always apologizing. I dont wanna go into a rant about Horizon being woke right now. haha).  The characters suck ass but the actual story is interesting and the gameplay is really fun.  I played it on hard so it did it have a few intense moments for me.

            I’m waiting until I get a PS5 for Ghost of Tsushima but  hear great things.
            I played a bit of Fallen Order and it’s not bad. Being a Souls-like, I wanted to play it on max difficulty and it’s not easy. haha


            Yeah, Horizon looks great, has very good gameplay, story is really cool, but the heavy handed feminism was a huge turn off. I finished the game skipping every conversation. This game would have probably been a 10/10 if it wasn’t for that. For sure they are making her a lesbian in the sequel.


              You are literally, the first person I’ve spoken to that agree with me when I make that statement. haha

              I think part of the reason no one notices it was because, in 2017, people didnt notice it as much because it hadnt infested everything, and that’s when most people would have played it.
              I think a lot of those people would roll their eyes if they tried to go back to it now.


              Not only that, but at some point there’s one of the world leaders that’s very flirty with Aloy and I’m sure if that would have been a man hitting on her it would have been seen pretty negatively.

              I just hope they don’t double down in the sequel. I have no issues seeing female characters in positions of power, I don’t even mind seeing a matriarchal society, but it needs to make sense.


                It’s a California based company in 2021. They’ll triple down.
                I refuse to purchase western games with female protagonist, these days, until they prove they arent full of trash.


                  118. Sense – A Cyberpunk Ghost Story

                  First person to get the Platinum!

                  Forums arent letting me post pictures, at the moment so no screenshot


                  @EndCancelCulture was it a good game though? Would you recommend it?


                    I dont Plat games I dont like.

                    I really enjoyed it.
                    It’s kind of structured like a 2D version of claasic Resident Evil or Fatal Frame.
                    Most of the gameplay is searching for items or keys to progress with some puzzle solving here and there.
                    For me, the puzzles were the perfect balance of not being to cryptic or to easy.
                    There’s not much combat but what little there isnt really good. It’s easy combat but it’s not memorable.

                    I dont know enough about your taste in games to know whether it’s a recommend or not.
                    But I would give it a thumbs up.

                    Honestly, so few companies refuse to bend the knee, that anytime one doesnt, if a person can afford them, people should be supporting them (Unless the game is broken, of course).
                    AAA publishers adapting a “dont bend” mentality doesnt happen if the indies that do so are ignored.
                    Popular indie trends is where AAA trends begin.


                      119. Dangonronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

                      It was worth the 5 bucks I paid.
                      Gameplay is pretty jank.
                      The story is interesting but most of the cut scenes drag on way to long.
                      I may check out other some of the other games sometime.

                      Ultra Despair Girls_20210226235419


                      I’m overjoyed to share that I’ve finally completed all of the challenges and received the coveted platinum trophy. The voyage was great, with tough combat and complicated puzzles. Many thanks to the community for the useful suggestions.

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