“Play to Earn” games

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      I don’t think this article goes far enough.  ANY play to earn game I have ever heard of was itself a scam of one type or another.

      Essentially if someone is willing to pay you to play a game it’s a trap.  period.




      I don’t know enough about it to comment. What’s wild, is that I heard WarCraft gold was actually a way to internationally launder money. Some caller accused polical figures of paying Chinese kids to play that game and hoard gold? It was strange and I do not know about it. Also, there was once a caller to David Knight, and I wish I could find the clip or that the caller would call back. It was years ago, and the caller said that Venezuela had some kind of way of economics through a game that was helping them. I can’t recall if it was WarCraft or Sims or SecondLife or something like that, but online assets and online flips were how some Venezuelans were surviving.

      My take though is that it really is all a story and a scam until you personally know any different and I do not.


      I do not remember what this guy was playing, but he said that he was paid in “Gas” every week.


        The good old days when you went the bought a game. Brought it home, put it in your console or PC, and played it and that was all. End of story.

        Now, you buy it, get home and then there are codes for more crap. You put the disk in and then there are updates as well as the install, sometimes HUGE in size. THEN you can play your game. Sort of. Some games make you sign in an account or be online connected to their network to play, even if it is single player!!! Ohh but wait, then there is other crap you can’t get even though you paid 70=90 dollars for your game depending on if it was the normal or limited/ultimate edition. Skins, Guns, maps, etc. Then there is “exclusive” DLC. On and on. It’s all bullshit and I am really tired of it.

        As usual, the corporations have ruined the fun in gaming. Just like they do with everything else. It’s all about making money, not fun an creativity anymore.


        I miss the days of gaming when you just brought your game on a full disk and then put it into whatever console you have. End of. Now it’s “Upload this. Download that. Pay for microtransactions (which I HATE doing even though I play ‘The Sims’ but I only get the packs that I think are worth getting or are interested in getting)”. This is why I end up playing on my MegaDrive or any other retro console I might still have such as my PS2.

        Mobile games are the WORST for microtransactions and it’s a shame because some of them look pretty decent.

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