Playing Control with RTX

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      Is a slideshow. This is the first game I tried with ray tracing, and it’s unplayable. With a 2080Ti. The FPS is between 22-30@3840×1600.

      The only way RTX is viable at this point is with DLSS.


      Yeah, I was really tempted to get a an 11GB 2080 Ti on a good deal but it doesn’t look like it’s aged well at all (just as the price came down to being something close to what I can afford). It’s not even so much a matter of money as I don’t think it’ll be worth having a year from now with the new generation of games that’ll come out. I might just wait until the 3000 series RTX cards come out and get a 20Gb 3080 late this year or realistically early next year because I don’t think they’ll be available this year unless you pre-order one now and I don’t order things before they’ve been reviewed by multiple sources. Thanks for sharing your experience.


        I heard the 3080 will be 10GB only.  I didn’t buy the 2080ti for games alone, so I’m happy with it.


        I’m getting between 60-110fps at 1440p with Ray Tracing set to medium – cranking it up to High dips things down to the 40s in combat (unacceptable for me) – and I’m using DLSS – it looks awesome, but I worry about how well the PS5 and XBSX are going to do with RTX.

        For reference, I’m on a Ryzen 9 3900x with a 2080ti with 64gb of RAM


        That’s insane, my man!

        theodore thumbs up


        You might want to upgrade to the 3080 at some point because even though it’s only got 10Gb of VRAM it’s still a much more advanced card to the 2080 Ti according to NVIDIA. If I were you I’d look at selling the 2080 Ti before the 14th release date. I just worry that the 2080 Ti might become obsolete for running new games soon unless you have a zero bottleneck supercomputer like MarcTheCyborg.

        I’ve heard that after the initial launches third parties like MSi, Gigabyte etc. will be releasing 20Gb versions of the 3080 (3080 Ti?) but not until next year, and they’ll be similarly priced to the 3090 maybe a couple of hundred bucks less.


        My rig wouldn’t be nearly as crazy as it is if I didn’t have to capture and edit video.

        I’d still probably lean high end – but without having to capture or edit high quality gameplay footage, I’d probably be shooting for a Ryzen 7 and this year, a 3070 or 3080, with a max of 32gb of RAM. Nearly all of the rest of my power helps balance out the video editing end of things.

        I’m working on my Control review script now, but a sneak peak I’ll share is that I think this game is going to age like wine and look absolutely unreal on the machines we’re using in 2025 or later.


          That’s strange, I run on maxed out settings with balanced DLSS and after ocing my card +200Mhz, the game runs between 55-60Fps all the time, at 3840×1600. You must have some other issues causing it to run so slow.


          Other than that I have to be running Nvidia shadow play to capture footage, don’t overclock my components and don’t want it dipping below 60 ever if at all possible, I’m not sure

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