Playstation CEO Jim Ryan Breaks Silence on Abortion Rights

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    Playstation CEO Jim Ryan Breaks Silence on Abortion Rights

    *as I consider this more “news” than gaming, I posted it here in “Current Events” and not “Gaming/Playstation”.

    The silence of corporations in the wake of the Supreme Court’s leaked decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has spoken volumes.

    Correct, as corporations are FOR PROFIT companies, and are NOT political.

    Well, one prominent CEO has weighed in on how he thinks women’s rights should be discussed at his corporation…

    And that was? email Thursday from the head of PlayStation that urged employees to ‘respect differences of opinion’ on abortion rights…

    RESPECT differences of opinions?

    And that is why the leftoids are up in arms!

    How darn we respect other’s opinions, when we don’t respect ANYTHING.

    But “respecting a difference of opinion” is not the correct path when that opinion co-opts control of another person’s body or identity.

    And what of the body of the infant you anti-life people talk about?

    They want to shut down all voices but their own.

    Just like what every communist and nazis have done thorough history.

    Shutting down the truth and any opinion they disagree with.


    If that was the case, the Earth would still be FLAT and all those who said otherwise would be exiled and/or thrown in jail.

    Females would NOT have the right to vote (as that opinion was NOT the main stream at one time).

    Democracy and republics would never have been, as they went against the main stream opinion of Kingdoms at the time.


    We would all still be in the Dark Ages, as people’s opinions and what they could talk about was limited.

    Everyone should be glad we live in a time where we can still talk and discuss things that people have different opinions on.

    Otherwise, censorship and such becomes tyranny, a dictatorship, etc.

    Sadly, that is exactly what the leftoids want.  Where the ministry of misinformation tells you, the NPCs, what to thing, act, etc.


    First off, companies don’t have morals.  Any such facade  is just that, a false front to project in an attempt to pander to customers.

    I could write pages about the abortion (infant murder) thing itself but it upsets me to speak of it so I will stay away from that.

    But again, companies pretend to care when they don’t. They should just steer clear of politics to begin with, there is no call or need to do otherwise.





    Exactly, that’s all that is when that happens is coercion for the purpose of social arm twisting.  I am sure this happens on every such issue and they probably post a list to Twitter (the virtual liberal mob) when they get answers they don’t like.

    Good for anyone that said “no comment”.

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