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    <p style=”text-align: left;”><p style=”text-align: left;”>I’m sure many have noticed the uptick in PlayStation hardcore fans becoming more and more delusional by the minute.</p>
    Despite the accuracy of PlayStation being the market leader in the console market, PlayStation has been losing more and more traction and still not making as much money as its competitors while simultaneously being investigated and sued by 3 countries for anti competitive business behavior which is in fact, illegal. Which goes without saying their censorship practices are all the more alienating their audience to other platforms, Japan being the prime example of boycotting.</p>
    Recently, PlayStation fans have taken up extreme cause to discredit Microsoft for their business practices which oddly enough, do follow the proper business practice compared to PlayStation. Microsoft, as you all know has been on an acquisition spree to obtain more IPs for their ongoing services for GamePass and Cloud based gaming which has shown some improvement over the last few years. Sadly, PlayStation fans have made up an excuse after excuse and making false accusations of anti consumer practices when Microsoft has made no such moves as of yet.

    This brings me to the first false claim: The ABK acquisition. Activision Blizzard King was recently and successfully ruled in Microsoft’s favor to close the deal which while is extending out for the UK deal, is confirmed in the US and every other country and it looks like the acquisition will go through even if the UK doesn’t agree because even if the UK backs out, Microsoft is willing to sell their cloud rights over the UK to allowed the acquisition through without their approval.

    PlayStation fans, however, made the false narrative that this acquisition would be blocked in the FTC ruling which as we all saw, The FTC had no case in pursuing in the first place and lost 25% funding as a result of the frivolous behavior in defending PlayStation, not the consumer (FTC neglects they work for the consumer, not PlayStation).

    After the backlash of PlayStation fans being wrong, many went on to delete social media accounts and then change their arguments to fit their anti Microsoft agenda which showed the gaming community how utterly ignorant they were to make their arguments in the first place.


    Even before this debacle, another was already in place for Starfield being exclusive to Xbox and PlayStation fans making the false narrative that it would be PlayStation exclusive when that simply wasn’t the case. The did not stop there, they went on with making a petition to make it exclusive after the fact Microsoft acquired the company whose making starfield. This brings us up to date where the fans have accepted they’ll not be getting starfield but at the same time won’t let their personal vendetta against Microsoft end as they have openly admitted, recently on Twitter, that they were making fake accounts to review bomb the game due to a lack of availability on their console. The level of delusions these fans are going through to make their agenda known to protect a company that quite literally hates them is simply disturbing, for lack of a better word.

    It doesn’t stop here though, more recently the fans have gone through another stage of coping by making a false claim of Baldur’s Gate 3 being a “PlayStation exclusive”…… You read that correctly, a current game that’s only been released on PC, somehow is a PlayStation exclusive to them. Last time I checked, no consoles have received a functional copy of this game on their platform, but magically, Baldur’s Gate 3 came to PlayStation exclusively? As you can see, the degeneracy they’ve fallen into has been nothing short of the mental illness of a group of consumers.

    But why am I bringing this up? Why have I chosen to give you a huge forum post about one particularly weird group of fanboys? Honestly, it’s for two reasons: One, I wanted to shed light on PlayStation fanboys and PlayStation. PlayStation fanboys are toxic little cretins who literally have the coping mechanism of a 5 year old and I detest PlayStation because they take advantage of their consumers, developers, third party developers, and spit on the consumer market. I am accepting of any platform that doesn’t pursue censorship or bad business.

    My second reason is that this behavior of bootlicking for corporations have become a nuisance to the gaming community as a whole. I get it, we all have platforms we like and we want them to stick around a bit longer. To me, the only company that is worthy of our respect is Nintendo. Not Microsoft (woke brand BS), Not PlayStation (woke and censoring games), but Nintendo. And sure, Nintendo isn’t making all the right choices, but Nintendo is the only company that has outspokenly stated: we would not arbitrarily censor a game (despite hiring localizers who did such a thing). Aside from changed language due to woke localization, censorship from Nintendo is nearly non existent. We continue to get fun and sexy games like Galgun and Senran Kagura without the extra censorship PlayStation adds in.

    Nintendo even hired Playboy at one time to make a Bayonetta photo shoot. Does Nintendo have more edge than PlayStation now? Indefinitely, yes.

    By all means we should continue to support Nintendo because at this point, Nintendo is still independent and still gives us the fullest games with the least to almost no censorship which is saying something.


    But I didn’t write this to talk about Nintendo, I brought this to your attention because I love gaming, I love the freedom to enjoy gaming, and I wanted you all to be aware of the industry, the communities, and really just wanted to have this conversation.

    I do think playstation delusional syndrome is real and only the most hardcore of fanboys can truly be considered among this claim.

    I’m sorry if this offends anyone who owns a PS5, but my statement stands that Playstation is a crap platform and we should all move forward with boycotting to another console because let’s face it, playstation isn’t going to stop stealing content from it’s consumers, it’s not going to stop being underhanded, it’s not going to do anything in favor of the consumer demand. Make the right choice, buy anything else that doesn’t censor.

    Thank you.

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      It’s nice you have an opinion, but to say “Playstation is a crap platform and we should all move forward with boycotting to another console” is childish. In fact, the majority of your post sounds like a 10 yr old wrote it. Attacking “PS fanboys” over and over, when you sound like the same thing you are attacking by doing so.

      To say PS fanboys are delusional. I could say the exact same thing about the PC Master Race, Nintendo Fanboys, and Xbox Fanboys. There is “toxic” people in ALL platforms.

      You claim PS takes advantage of their customers, but so does Microsoft and Nintendo. I would go so far as to say Microsoft is trying to manipulate the entire industry by buying up studios.

      You don’t like censorship, no one does. But other companies have had censorship too. Since Sony’s move to California they have adopted some stupid mild censorship, yes, no one likes it. But Nintendo used to be the kings of censorship not long ago. Maybe you don’t recall the blood and gore being removed from Mortal Kombat 2 on Super Nes. I do. But, times change. So will this. There is also the fact that you can buy and play the Japanese or China version of a game and still play it, if you don’t like the censorship for USA. I’ve done it many times.

      If PS was a crap platform, it wouldn’t sell so well. It wouldn’t have been so sought after during the shortages and scalping. It at least has games to play and enjoy, I can’t say the same with Xbox this gen. PS has games like Horizon, Ghost of Tsushima (which imo is the best game on any platform), Last of Us, God of War, etc. What is there on Xbox? Nothing. Most of the recent Xbox games were just bad, and released broken. Yes, Starfield is coming out, but I am not buying an entire consoles just for ONE game.

      Nintendo lost me LONG ago when the Wii came out, I quit then. My Gamecube was the last Nintnedo product I bought, and I loved the Gamecube. I’m not interested in the same few series over and over. I’m not interested in dated graphics, gimmick controllers and devices, or handheld gaming. Sure, games like the newer Zelda game might be great, but they look like something from 10 years ago. I am not interested in all the social/multiplayer stuff Nintendo does. I like to game alone.

      The Xbox One X was a clunky mess. I actually hated the XOneX, mine sets in the closet now next to my PS4 Pro. My PS4, and then PS4 Pro were used nearly daily in contrast. I can now say the same with my PS5. It’s a fantastic console and I continually game on it. My XOneX crashed multiple times just using the Dashboard UI, continually overheated playing Borderlands 3, and was just VERY clunky. It was a frankly bland and unenjoyable console. Nothing like that has ever happened on my PS4 or PS5. The last two gens of Xbox have just not done well. I loved my X360 Elite though, but those days are long gone. So, I am not interested in a X Series X.

      I am not a “fanboy” because I like my PS5 or because there is much more to play and enjoy on a PS for me than a Xbox, or a Switch.

      I don’t know what you were trying to accomplish with your post, but it comes off as childish and nasty frankly. Maybe try to word things better and not attack an entire fanbase in the process best time.


      Sorry, I have receipts to prove you’re 100% incorrect which I will provide two links below for you to come to that conclusion yourself.


      Playstation is going through greater lengths of censorship to such detail that developers have to censor more and more each time. Going far beyond what is consideres reasonable. I know there’s ESRB censorship to port games to the US, but this is a platform censoring third party devs which is much more harmful.


      Second, my statements are factual. As much as you want to play the “pointing finger” game, it’s factually irrefutable that playstation fans are far more disconnected. In fact I can single handedly disprove your entire argument by comparing every other fan base to playstation and you won’t see the same degenerate states as the playstation community makes.

      You keep trying to rule me into this group of people, but sadly that’s not actually the case. Even PC fans draw a line of being wrong, Xbox fans draw a line of being factually wrong, and even Nintendo fans draw a line about being factually wrong. I see more fans in these communities being civil than not versus Playstation.

      It’s not even sane to draw the same conclusions when we see people making 1000 fake accounts to place a personal vendetta on another company. There’s a line in the sand with every other fandom EXCEPT PlayStation fans.


      I have the receipts and sadly you just have heresy.

      Furthermore, Why are you attack me for calling out bad behaviors in a community?

      It shows your clearly wanting to act like a child or else you wouldn’t be trying to attack me personally.  You could have just disagreed with me, but sadly instead of joining me in an intellectual conversation, you chose the “call me names” route and sadly that discredited your entire argument.


      You need to learn that some people have a valid point to make, especially when they have the evidence to disprove you. You should have done your due diligence and filed a proper counter argument.



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      • This reply was modified 11 months, 1 week ago by Salvince.
      • This reply was modified 11 months, 1 week ago by Salvince.

      Here’s a quote from the actual case:

      The FTC caught defending a big corporation.



      And here’s a link quoting more censorship from playstation than any other console you are falsely claiming is censoring.



      Please learn to form a better argument, next time you want to deny the facts. @DarthVengeant


        Sir, you are the person who came on here attacking an entire fanbase. I did NOT attack you personally. I never called you names either. I said you were being childish in how you are presenting yourself, and you are. You are coming off as hostile as well. That is not an attack, it is a observation based on how you presented your OP. It is an observation that maybe if you presented yourself a little better it would not come off that way. Your accusations about the entire PS fanbase is not factual, it is an opinion. It is a small amount of people acting ridiculous, not an entire fanbase. I could say the exact same thing about Xbox and Nintendo fans. In fact, it was not long ago the internet was calling Xbox fans the most toxic. Every group of fans has toxic people, none is more than the other. Saying that Sony has the worst is outlandish, and inaccurate. There are people out there that do ridiculous and nonsensical things in EVERY fanbase. People that take it too far. You are taking the actions of a minority of people acting like Neanderthal’s online, because it is, and making it out that the entire fanbase is that way, and that is just utterly false. There are people making stupid petitions continually. The one made by some people acting ridiculous about Starfield are no different.

        You say you have “receipts”, which happen to only be directed at Sony, but anyone with 10 min on the internet could research other fanbases, Xbox included, and come up with the same type of things as well.

        If you watched Vera Dark, whom I watch all the time and already saw the video you posted, you would see that she posts videos on a large number of companies enacting censorship as well, all the time. Not just Sony.

        I stated and flat out explained that it is not just a Sony problem, and if you did some research you would find that out yourself. Everything you are posting is only directed at or to Sony, when there is a vast and widespread issue from the ESG and MANY other companies and corporations at play here. I also never said other consoles are censoring more than Sony, I said others ARE doing it and in the past they were doing it just as much. I repeat, I never said Sony is not censoring. Read what I actually said. I am old, I was gaming when Pong was out, I’ve seen this censorship happen many times over the years. Again, you may want to actually read what I said and stop being reactionary. You want to make an argument, you have. I disagree with your assessment, not that Sony has a censorship problem, because I already clearly stated they do and agree with that premise, but I %100000 disagree that Sony is the worst of all of it and has the worst most toxic fans, because that is not at all true.

        Anyone who knows me on here knows I don’t not name call and attack people. So, don’t continue that narrative, because it is wrong. I wont be replying more because I can see where this will go and I am not interested in drama online. You’ll just end up getting this thread locked. Just learn how to present yourself better in the future and not attack an entire fanbase because of the actions of a few. Because that is what the media does, they blow up the actions of a few people making it out like they are ALL that way, and that is a flat out lie. Take care.

        End of line.


        Dear, I absolutely did not come here to attack anyone. I specifically narrated: Hardcore playstation fanboys.

        Calling my argument and me childish is a personal attack. You came at ME with accusations. I came here with facts.

        At no point are you allowed to say “you weren’t attacking me” when your first response was to call me “childish” which is childish in itself. I came here to talk about an ongoing issue within the playstation community.

        Furthermore, I’ve never seen anyone from the PC, Xbox, Nintendo side of fanbases  go as far to making 1000 fake accounts to bash an entire game because they were hurt that Starfield wasn’t going to be exclusive for them.


        I clear notated this as extreme fanboy community. I didn’t specify the WHOLE playstation community which is why you are factually inaccurate on all accounts and you didn’t even take time to read anything I wrote.


        Your argument is invalid, I have nothing more to say to you simply because you didn’t genuinely want to have a civil conversation with me.

        Let’s either start over or we can have an actual 1 on 1 in a zoom room. Me and you,  mono e mono.

        I would never criticize a whole community over the worst of the community. I clearly drew that line in the first post in this forum.

        We can have civil conversation, but you will not tell me you didn’t resort to personal attacks when you did just that.

        Furthermore, to want consumers of playstation content to not be ripped off by the company that literally relies on your purchases to stay functional is not childish. I implore everyone to avoid playstation if they value their money and time.

        It’s not fair to the majority of the playstation community that they get more censorship than any other platform. Even steam rolls it’s punches in censorship (literally the only place I’ve seen rated A games). Playstation is ran as nasty corporation that doesn’t care about its consumer base, that’s a given fact.

        Nintendo has quite frankly gave everything the fans have asked for any to go as far as remaking Super Mario RPG which was requested I’m sure well over a million times. Playstation can’t even make a game without turning characters gay to fit a narrative.

        They go as far as to uglify their female characters to insult the male consumer basis. The same goes for Microsoft and their games. Nintendo Switch isn’t doing that and I’ve yet to see an uglified Nintendo character.

        Where’s the lie? It’s s not childish if it’s true. That’s just factual. God forbid the playstation community gets something worth buying. Why would you keep paying for a platform that doesn’t respect it’s consumers? That’s not childish, that’s common sense. Why would you stick with a company that doesn’t respect you or the other playstation fans?

        I’m not devoted to one platform, but I certainly won’t ever lie about a platform.

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        • This reply was modified 11 months, 1 week ago by Salvince.

          “I absolutely did not come here to attack anyone. I specifically narrated: Hardcore playstation fanboys.”

          That’s an absolute contradiction in 1 sentence.

          “Calling my argument and me childish is a personal attack.”

          He was referring to your behavior and not your person. So yes to calling your behavior childish but he was not attacking you personally in my opinion.

          “At no point are you allowed to say “you weren’t attacking me” when your first response was to call me “childish” which is childish in itself. ”

          is allowed to say anything he dang well pleases so long as it follows the forum rules and obviously any laws.

          “I would never criticize a whole community over the worst of the community.”

          That’s exactly what you are doing based on what I just read.

          Look man, are game communities sometimes silly, extreme or goofy?  Yes, that comes with the territory.  Games are about doing something fun and temporarily removing you from the realities of the world.  No one wants to see the realities of the world apply to gaming as it removes the fun and escapism from it making it pointless.  In in the macro, there are much bigger fish to fry (southern saying) and PS vs. Xbox vs. PC should be nothing more than a brief talking point for entertainment’s sake.

          There is nothing wrong with folks disagreeing.  It happens all day every day and it’s a cornerstone of the human experience.  We don’t have to hate or even be angry over it and especially over something as trivial as gaming.

          1. @Vknid no that absolutely isn’t a contradiction because again, it’s factual. I didn’t arbitrarily make this up to attack specific people.

          You contradicted your entire argument by even insinuating I had a person emotional gripe with PlayStation fans which is a projection entirely in your and his made up arguments.

          Did PlayStation fanboys go to great lengths to deny the facts and make up bogus statements?

          Furthermore, if you have a civil conversation, you can start by not making false claims for others and openly admit that @DarthVengeant did personally attack me.

          Quit requoting what I say and declaring things it’s not. You can’t even understand what I’m saying half the time, so why are you bothering now?

          And yes, we can disagree, but you’re not going to sit there and make false accusations about my argument and about myself and pretend act like you know what you’re talking about when I have receipt evidence of my statements.

          You can’t sit there and say I contradicted myself when I have the evidence to point it out. It’s fine if Darth wants to disagree, it’s another if he wants to take it a step further and make a false accusation about me. Again, we can zoom conversation this right now.



            You go ahead and continue to do you. I will continue to do me. @DarthVengeant will to continue to be himself as well as a respected member of the community.

            You absolutely have the freedom to come here and point fingers, make accusations and raise an absolute fuss over game communities.

            For me personally, I find it stunning when folks state an accusation publicly and become surprised or feel slighted when others disagree.

            Anyone on this planet who expects to find folks they agree with 100% is going to find disappointment as that is an unrealistic expectation. And that being stated, disagreement is part of life.  If you cannot handle that then you put yourself in a very precarious situation.


            @Vknid @DarthVengeant isn’t well respected if he goes on pointing fingers and making false accusations like a child.

            Again, this has nothing to do with disagreeing with some, quit pretending it’s about that.

            I absolutely would have welcomed simple  disagreements, but it’s not about a disagreement, it’s blatantly name calling and to build such a false narrative to even claim this is about a disagreement is absolutely absurd.

            You put yourself in a precarious situation by making up an entirely separate argument that has nothing to do with this conversation.

            Quit putting your words in my mouth and speak yourself instead of building false narratives.

            I’m not angry, I’m not name calling anyone, I’m merely pointing out what is factual. If you disagree with it, just say that.  It’s really that simple.


            I appreciate being told I have every right to point this stuff out, but I’m not making a fuss and I don’t take kindly to BS insults over substance in a conversation. I genuinely wanted to have a normal, civil conversation for example:

            I didn’t get upset when @DarthVengeant said that he doesn’t like Nintendo or how he stopped investing into them after the Wii. Didn’t even care, bro likes what he likes. I can respect that he thinks the console is a gimmick. I don’t agree with that at all and I think he’s doing himself a disservice.

            I can never account for one of my xbox’s breaking down unless it was the 360 which I got a free repair for, but at the same time I had a PS3 OG that had an ajar disc tray after getting it repaired twice. I never had my Xbox one or my PS4 break down so I don’t even know what that was brought into the conversation but hey, I don’t disagree with what he’s saying.

            I like how he brought up MK1+2 censorship on the Nintendo. That was smart, but Nintendo has ultimately changed and actually has the least amount of censorship now. I think it’s crazy too, but playstation is now currently making the same mistake Nintendo had to learn from over 20 years ago.

            I could go on all day about Nintendo saving the gaming industry after the 1983 video game crash and how Nintendo’s copyright and seal of approval set a standard for the gaming industry to follow that allowed consoles from Sega and playstation to rise as well.

            But ultimately I brought up this conversation because I genuinely have never ever seen such lunacy from one nitch community of DIE HARD fans.

            Not just normal playstation fans, people who take it a step too far. Let me re-write this to clarify myself because I don’t think anyone took the time to really get that I’m referring to the very nitch super fans of playstation that would Literally make 1000 metacritic accounts to bash starfield.

            I get what your saying too: you don’t want to buy a new console for one game. I WOULDNT WANT YOU TO. You play playstation all day bud, that’s cool, but I wouldn’t support them even if hell froze over twice.


            I don’t think it was childish of you to state your opinion, I am glad you got to voice yourself. I don’t consider insulting me or my discussion productive and genuinely would rather see more conversation built around the comradery of discussing these issues. Maybe it was the title to this post, but I appreciate you voicing your concerns without questioning me personally.


            While the phrase “PlayStation Delusion Syndrome” is not recognized in psychology, certain players may overidentify with their preferred platform. It’s important to remember that gaming preferences are personal, and constructive debates about gaming options are acceptable. However, calling it a condition may be inaccurate. A positive gaming environment requires respect for all gaming communities.





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