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    Pokémon is one of the first anime I got introduced to when I was a kid and it’s one of the Anime that I still have neutral feelings towards. But I have a brother who is 1 younger than me who likes Pokémon as well as 2 cousins. I would recommend this Anime to Disney Fans, Pixar Fans, Nickelodeon Fans, and Cartoon Network Fans although it’s not the only Anime I’ll recommend to them.

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      Im a 92 and I agree. I only like gen1.. Pokemon Yellow and Red. The first episode still holds up well. I love when Pikachu saves Ash. And my favourite episode is when Charizard fights Magmar. New Pokemon sucks. Part of what made Pokemon cool was that there were only 151 Pokemon. Now how many are there? 5000??? So dumb.. Most of the original Pokemon resembled real life animals. A lot of the new Pokemon just look dumb. The Cartoon sucks because of this and because they changed the voice actors.

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      Lucario is my favorite Pokemon ever!

      I Love Pokemon!



        I love Pokémon. I’m in my thirties and still play. I also have the original 151 original prints. I couldn’t say one Pokémon is my favorite because I like too many of them.


          My fave Pokémon’s Togepi


            Of the OG? Nidoking. Some of the best STATS in OG game. All around great pokemon to have on your team. Gengar is another. I also like Charizard though that’s a fav many like.

            Of newer gen I like, design-wise, Pyroar.


              <3 So Cute <3


              Mawile…I named my fav Millie
              Screenshot_20200801-154154_Pokmon GO

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                I only like gen1.. 150 and more to see.. What are we at now? Lol


                  892 😁 i know most of them off by heart up too 700-something 😸


                  I dropped off the Pokemon anime after the Johto League and the Mewtwo TV special – It just stopped being as interesting and the story wasn’t really advancing in any meaningful way. It would be several years later I would find out why it stopped holding my attention: The man behind the very first few seasons and three movies basically quit. That might be the nostalgia talking, but I thought Takeshi Shudo brought a certain level of maturity to the series with important themes and messages that could resonate with children and adults alike and helped make my own childhood amazing. I still like to go back to those first ten minutes of the original Mewtwo film now and then for how beautifully done it was, and the third Pokemon film, while far from being among my favorite anime films, would still get a silver medal from me.

                  It’s a shame he got screwed over by corporate politics (as with what often happens with ambitious writers) and his sudden death nearly ten years ago was tragic.

                  If you’ve never heard him before and want to know his contributions to this franchise, the below videos give an excellent summary:


                    I started watching Pokèmon with Johto League, actually with the 3rd movie. I was really into it up to Diamond And Pearl, continued to casually watch Black And White and XY, completely lost on Alola, though that might be ’cause it’s on really early in the morning, and no longer going to school i have no reason to get up at that time 😴

                    Though i do love some of the later movies, the first 3 definitely have that extra special something ⚡


                      I was little when the first season was on air. And it was huge at school. It will never be as good or as big as it was then. All my friends had pokemon Red or Yellow. And we traded Pokemon cards at school. The first season is the best by far. I think the second season was good too. It’s been a while I forget. I stopped after gold and silver. But I wasn’t a big fan of some of the new pokemon. And they changed the voice actors so I stopped watching the show. And Yu-Gi-Oh became more popular at the time. I seen Pokemon the first movie in the theater and got a special Mewtwo card I think it was. It was a long time ago.


                        When i was in school Pokèmon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards were cosidered so valuable by us kids that instead of trading them normally we’d dare eachother to do dumb shit and the card would be the prize 😹


                          Some of my prizes for proving i have a lower IQ than Dumb and Dumber 😹


                          True strory: i won the leaf card (grass type energy) by eating a leaf 🍃

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