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    Things seem to be shaping up just as they did in 2016. The majority of media houses and polls all said Trump would lose and we all know how that turned out.






    With all the bs going on, I’m actually very proud of the real (!) black community that sticks to their values and refuses to be a puppet for the dems. The Blexit movement is real my friends. Everyday I see plenty of videos of black people against the woke left, agaisnt riots, against democrat liars and that is really great.

    Most recently I came across this Instagram account and this dude speaks some real truth: https://www.instagram.com/semore_views/

    He’s very genuine and is 100% against globalization.


    You are very, very wrong on that. President Trump has done more in the last 3 and a half years than every other president combined since AT LEAST Reagan. Maybe even longer.

    MSM won’t talk about it, that’s why you don’t know about it. But the big reveal is coming up fast.


    Mkay, except that the vast majority of TDS is on the left. Roughly 99%. So that’s a rather bad analysis.


    Our Forefathers didn’t have a BA in Government, yet they managed to create the most successful government in human history. Being educated in a specific field gives you a certain advantage, but it is not defining or necessary. Especially when modern education is a shitshow to begin with. What’s important is your ability to think for yourself, critical thinking skills, etc. Your advantage is being versed in certain facts that the average person might not be aware of.

    The Continental Congress spent a lot of time arguing and debating, often times in extreme opposition, before finally agreeing upon the Constitution and Bill of Rights as we know them. That is exactly what we need. Both of you make valid arguments. Continued debate would most likely result in an optimal solution.


    Cancelled Netflix awhile ago.


    Not the Onion.


    This has to be the most 2020 headline I’ve ever read.


    Is it BuzzFeed? It looks like BuzzFeed.


    I’ve always found this a bit of a kicker, too:


    It gets funnier every time I read it.




    I’ll just leave this here


      While I agree with the initial post, there are people on the Right that have been in there for ages getting nothing done as well. Imo the entire system has failed and is corrupt. The Party system of government needs to end, I have never liked it personally. It only creates division. People acting like raving sports fans for their “party”. The division the media has propagated continually has become crippling. We need to vote for people, not the party. I am an independent, but I tend to vote more right. I take issues as they are and what I think works, not which way the current agenda’s wind blows or party it belongs to.

      The obsessive fake news, which is pretty much daily, about Trump just proves even more how corrupt and broken things are. If you want daily updates on all the lies and spin the news spews, just watch Tim Pool or Tim Pool IRL on youtube.

      This is not the country I grew up in anymore. It’s all become foreign to me. The way people are and think just makes no sense to me. The SJW/PC culture has been allowed to destroy everything built. Our history is being rewritten with the SJW/PC narrative, and it’s a lie. What once was good, is now bad, What once was bad, is now good and nearly worshipped. We have a less than 1% of the population being catered to and knee bent to, telling us we need to change our speech and how we communicate with eachother. If I do not refer to someone in their “proper pronouns” I could even be jailed in some places, lose my job, etc.

      I feel like I am in an upside down world. I really have no friends, because it’s so hard to find like minded people, and because of the backlash I could get when people “found out” I voted for Trump. I have been single for 10+ years, because the dating world has been taken over by that ideology too. I can barely turn on a movie or TV show without being preached to. Video games are bending the knee now too. I mean, god forbid people play Lara Croft in her underwear or a anime character in skimpy kawaii clothes. What a HORRIBLE crime. But, I sure can blow up and kill people at will.

      Things just seem so dire and I just crave good intellectual and civil conversation.


      Never has someone reflected my views better than what you just said, Darth Vengeant. You’re lucky to have been single this long. I’ve been in an 8-year-long relationship with a woman who’s been nearly indoctrinated by the far left. She put BLM signs in the windows of our apartment (which I have since taken down), she said she’d be out protesting if she didn’t have to go to work, and she has severe TDS. Thankfully, I’ve seen glimpses recently that she’s not fully indoctrinated yet: She thought the whole “Orcs are black people” thing was ridiculous, and she agrees with me that New York City and it’s leaders have failed in their handling of the beer bug. Regardless, I’m taking steps towards getting her out of my life, but it’s a slow process due to the length of the relationship and the fact that she lives with me.

    Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 92 total)
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