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    I am sorry to hear you have had to endure that.

    I would say that being alone for 10+ years isn’t something I want, nor is it something people should aspire to. lol. I would like to have someone to share things with and enjoy life with. Of course you wont find a mate who agree’s with you 100%, but there is no way I could date or be with someone who has TDS and wants to join BLM, etc. I can’t come home to that stuff. It would just ruin my mood and stress levels, after working a 10 hr shift like I do. I have tried pretty much every dating site under the sun, nothing. I made a friend, and that’s about it. It’s mostly just garbage imo. No, I am not ugly, obese, etc. I actually look 10+ years younger than I am and I bike everywhere, so I am healthy. The way I look has nothing to do with the issue. I just have some standards of what I want to have holding my hand and joining me on the rest of my journey through life. I am actually very political in my private life, and not having someone to at least share some of that with is sad to me. Finding people who are at least somewhat of a kindred spirit is hard for me, where I live is sadly more left and any time I have tried to come out of my shell and express my views or opinion it seems to end with them dropping communication.


    @Verkano, not to make assumptions about your relationship, but there is a difference between those who are true believers, and those who have these opinions because they’re the beliefs they think they should have. The former are a lost cause, but the latter can be coaxed out of the ideology. Because they’re so mainstream, there is an enormous social pressure to maintain these beliefs in order to find a sense of belonging, making it all the more difficult to be a dissident.

    People are lead into the ideology because it feels good. It’s like a drug: It makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside, at first, but later feel hollow and empty because you never actually achieved anything of value. But it’s addictive: You keep having to stick up for those poor, oppressed minorities against those evil Republicans in order to briefly experience those feelings again, “I sure showed those racists/sexists/transphobes!” Rinse and repeat. No wonder depression rates are soaring.

    But just as they’re lead into it, they can be lead back out. But it requires time, patience, and, at the risk of sounding a little Leftist, kindness and empathy (your behavior can go a long way, trust me). You have to take things one step at a time.

    Anyway, I can’t really give any proper advice as it’s a case-by-case basis that depends on the individual, and I think you’re wise to make plans to get out in case things go south. But people who go down this path aren’t always lost forever. It’s a matter of them learning information they might not have known before, but, ultimately, they have to make the choice for themselves.


    Meh, that’s a distraction. I haven’t heard anyone blame Trump for problems that have existed for decades. There’s no need to go there anyway. There’s plenty to criticize about him without resorting to fallacies. Just as a human being, President Pussygrabber fails to pass any basic moral test.

    Sure, it’s possible to wave our hands and claim the guys on the other side are worse, but that’s an implicit admission that this guy is terrible.


    Cambridge Analytica and Roger Stone. Wonder how he’ll do it this time around.

    Not that I have any doubts, I predicted he’d be a two-term president the day after his election.


    It’s a sad situation all around. Social media had created echo chambers and both sides (Right and Left) have become radicalized as a result. For the few people who remain in the center, it’s a tragedy to watch what could have been a fantastic country sink into a shouting match between deaf people. It doesn’t help that the USA were built on such a fatal flaw as slavery and racism. I’ve heard many suggest that it can’t be fixed, which is sad. Might as well admit it can never claim the moral high ground.

    I think it’s okay that you voted for Trump. A lot of good people did that out of disgust for a system that appears broken and unfixable. When it feels like all else has failed, why not throw the proverbial wrench into the machine? Maybe breaking the engine is what’s needed… Admit this one is beyond repair and build a new one… I just hope the next iteration is something where some form of kindness and compassion prevail. It doesn’t feel like that at the moment.


    Trump has done more than the last 3 Presidents combined.  In fact, he had the lowest unemployment rate in the HISTORY OF AMERICA.  That was all his doing.  Until the pandemic.


    The system needs to be changed, but the people who are going to do it need not be puppets of people like Soros

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    It doesn’t help that the USA were built on such a fatal flaw as slavery and racism.

    I keep seeing this take and it always irritates me. Every country in the world has been founded on piles of corpses. I can’t think of a group of people that carved a space out of the world for themselves without first having to conquer other groups. Even if they somehow did, they didn’t last very long before they got conquered themselves. The native Americans were stealing land and killing each other long before any colonizers came along. The latter was the same thing, just on a larger scale. The Brits were simply better at it.

    What makes America exceptional is when the colonies fought the British Empire for independence and won, and then wrote the Constitution: A pretty incredible document, in my view, as there were things the Founding Fathers knew they couldn’t accomplish in their lifetime and left it open to amendment for future generations. A number of them found slavery distasteful, despite owning several slaves themselves (I believe Jefferson inherited his from his family?). Slavery was just a normal commodity back then, and suddenly declaring it illegal and demanding everyone must free their slaves would’ve been akin to a government mandate to give up your private property.

    One might say their racial attitudes were pretty hardcore, but these views were held by everyone else, too, at the time. In fact, racial views on ethno-nationalism have endured for centuries, and still persist in many parts of the world over. The West is perhaps the only exception which changed its views on race recently, only a handful of decades ago, thanks to the American Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. What we’re living in now is an experiment, and what some on the Authoritarian Right think is demonstrably failing at thanks to racial divisions constantly being stoked at.


    TL;DR – It’s all well and good to pursue racial harmony, but racism and slavery is hardly unique to America. The ancient Egyptians did it. The Chinese Empire did it. Even Africa did it (and still practices it).


    “I keep seeing this take and it always irritates me. Every country in the world has been founded on piles of corpses.”

    My thoughts exactly. And, the country wasn’t FOUNDED on slavery and racism. Some people just happened to do those things, some people did those things thousands of years before we founded America too. It’s rather irrelevant. It’s like saying the country was founded on wigs, just because people wore them in those days. America has been the beacon AGAINST those things, and has helped the world make those less prevalent. But now all the sudden we are a horrible racist country somehow, and the media makes USA look like scum.

    The recent obsession with everything being racist is illogical, and not factual. Racism is far smaller than they present it to be in USA. Slavery has not existed in the USA for a LONG time either. 150 years or so. I mean, you don’t hear me complaining hundreds of years later that England treated my Irish ancestors like slaves. Before Obama, we were doing pretty well on the downturn of racism, him and his wife were obsessed with racism and slavery. They talked about it continually. And yet they have many millions of dollar homes. He got a 65 Million dollar book deal, but RACISM. He was the first black president, but still…RACISM. It’s a tactic they use, and it’s a lie.


    You mean the fake, overblown scare-mongering that Democrats and the deep state instigated? The reason I can’t find a damn job? With the silver lining that it gave me the incentive to start a channel? That pandemic?

    Fuck these assholes messing with peoples’ lives.


    Wait a second, do you think the pandemic is just a fake hoax or something?



    As if 2020 couldn’t get any crazier, Colorado has declared racism as a public health crisis. And Austin. And Minneapolis. And Louisville. So yeah. I guess I’m gonna have to quarantine in my house now. Don’t wanna catch racism!


    A few years ago it would of been unfathomable to me such insanity could ever be taken serious.  Most people in this country used to be baffled at the Muslims freaking out and killing people over a stupid cartoon drawing, but it seems like far left loons have caught up to them.



    The Tribute in Light 9/11 memorial has been cancelled. So riots in NYC are ok but a tribute to the most devastating terrorist attack in the history in the world isn’t? Absolutely despicable


    That piece of shit set this country back 50 years.

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