Portland legalized rioting, and you’ll never guess what happened next

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    Portland legalized rioting, and you’ll never guess what happened next

    As the city of Portland has seen frequent violent riots, Oregon state legislators have identified a solution: Let them riot.


    That solution was put into practice in the city recently as police officers stood by and watched rioters cause more than $500,000 worth of damages to banks, stores, coffee shops, and government buildings. Police officers weren’t caught off guard either.

    And what caused this round of riots?

    The riot was organized by the mother of an “Antifa anarchist” who had been struck and killed by a car in 2019. She proudly declared on Twitter that it would be a “night of rage and anger” and “not a peaceful event.”

    We are not one step closer to making “THE PURGE” a reality!

    But no amount of forewarning mattered. That’s because the Oregon Legislature passed a law that restricts the use of pepper spray, tear gas, and incapacitating projectiles.

    Just like how the lib-tards wanted.

    Again, this is what Portland has asked for. This bill was passed by a Democrat-run Legislature, with meager Republican opposition in the state Senate. It was passed because Democratic officials in both the city and the state care more about protecting rioters than they do about preventing riots.

    Protecting criminals!  That is what dems are best at, Protecting criminals… like themselves (IMO)!

    Supposedly, rioters will be punished in follow-up investigations. Considering Multnomah County’s record of declining to prosecute these cases, this seems more like an empty threat than anything else. And even in the cases that do end up getting prosecuted, those rioters have free rein to light fires and vandalize businesses in the meantime.

    And we say during the summer of HATE that there now (to my recollection) not ONE that was convicted of any riot/looting/damaging conviction.  Not ONE!


    Where are all the environmentalists, complaining about all the smoke and pollution these events cause? ! ?




    I used to live there. Right downtown, two different times actually. I’ve lived in other area’s of Portland as well. I am so glad I don’t live there now.

    Suffice to say, this is not the city I once lived in. It’s a cesspool. Downtown looks like a boarded up warzone with BLM plastered everywhere. Homeless all over the place. You get off the train, and 50ft from the train station is tents. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

    Rioters, physical attacks, and even deaths are allowed for over a year now in Portland. But, the government wants to create a committee because of the “Insurrection” from ONE day on January 6th by a few people. Utter Lunacy.


    I spent time near Portland a few years ago, and was downtown a few times. There’s a huge book store there that I liked. Even visited the Chinese garden a couple of times. Sad to see this happen, but I can’t call it unjust. What’s happening in Portland, Chicago, NYC, it didn’t happen overnight, and it didn’t happen by accident. It’s the results of continuing to put into power people who think in certain ways.


    They want the cities to rot so that things will get so bad the people will accept whatever solution government suggests. And government will bang the drum of socialism (without using that word) but like Hitler will ask for temporary powers (which won’t be temporary) to solve the issues THEY CAUSED. And people will once again exchange their freedoms and rights for safety. And will NOT get it.

    What will this look like? Just like the covid situation. Exactly the same.

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