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      I thought this would be interesting to see from other fans. We used to do this WAY back in the forums (WAYYY back, lol)

      Here is most of my collection. Some are not there, but this is the majority of it. I have many rare and limited edition books. There used to be a book club that had hard cover limited editions, meaning they would make a hard cover version of a book that was only published in paperback, I have all of them. I stopped around book 4 of Fate of the Jedi series and only bought Audiobooks then. So, that is why it kind of stops there. I have pretty much every Star Wars audio book/audio drama ever done. There is also some comics and old TV Guides from when TPM and ATOC came out. My Star Wars/Figure room is a work in progress, i’ll post it when it is complete. I have a LOT.

      (link to higher rez pic)





      I would have to go hunting through a lot of cupboards to find all the expanded universe novels I have, but I did take this photo of my collection of old West End Games RPG manuals (ignore the non-Star Wars books to the left) some time ago. The stack to the right are the adventure journals that I think were published quarterly until WEG sort of collapsed and lost their licence.


    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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