Potato Head 🥔 (SJW 🧠->🚽)

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    Mister Potato Head is the purest example of a trans toy you can get… and they want to cancel that it can become a “mister”?

    What phobs!




    “Hasbro can go straight to Hell!”




    He had a stache.

    Heck if some females can have a stache, WTF is their problem.


    Just an excuse to go after Toy Story. I’m calling it now, theyll start saying Buzz and/or Jesse are trans.


    After seeing the boxes they are planning to use they are not only removing Mr. from the box with the stash, but they are removing Mrs.  from the one with the eyelashes. So now they’ve made it a 50/50 chance of getting the wrong Potato Head for your kid. Thanks Hasbro for making the hard job of parenting even harder.


    They are getting rid of the concept of male & female.

    It is now be an androgynous potato.

    Now the problem is:  what color? ! ?

    varieties fit into one of seven potato type categories: russet, red, white, yellow, blue/purple, fingerling and petite.

    Which ever one(s) they pick, it will still be racists to the other colors.


    No way in hell they’d pick a white potato.


    They are going to get rid of Mr / Mrs and replace them with 7 different colors?
    Seriously what?


    @MrDragonbane  NO.  I just looked up the types of colors of REAL potatos (which had 7 colors)  Since the current Mr/Mrs Potato is brown-ish, I jokingly made the comment about the skin colors of potatos.

    I am sure the SJW’s will complain about its color next anyway.


    They complain about the sky being blue not rainblo.


    sjws are making us all look bad.

    Many Eastern / non Western people think we are all sjws (dumb, idiots) now. They think we’re crazy. I always struggle explaining to asian friends that I don’t like woke stuff. Then they ask me if I’m muslim lol


    Honestly I think a potato has more intelligence than these SJW’s trying to make Mr. and Mrs. Potato head trans or just cancel them.


    XYZ (15)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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