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    I was thinking about this for awhile and I realized something….the Power Rangers do a better job of defending Angel Grove than the Justice League does at defending the whole entire DC universe.

    The Power Rangers actually defeat their bad guys permanently like remember Bones in Power Rangers…..he appeared in one episode then caused some trouble….and the Power Rangers straight up killed him and Bones never really appeared again to cause trouble in Angel Grove while Joker and Solomon Grungy get defeated by the Justice League only to get out of jail in a few days or months and kill more people only to be stopped again, go to jail and get out.

    In Angel Grove the people of the city were plague by Lord Zedd and his band of evil monsters for like 3 years then was ultimately defeated by the Power Rangers only to be replaced by the Machine Empire that was replaced by Divatox who was replaced by Astronoma which lead to Andros the Red Ranger killing Zordon to release his essence that either killed or purified all the past evil forces from the various Power Rangers seasons in the Saban Era that was a continuing plot.

    Angel Grove since 1998 hasn’t had a super villain problem for over 20 years while in the DC universe, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League have never solved the supervillian problem.

    The Legion of Doom has been plaguing the DC universe for about 80 years and the Justice League failed to save uncountable Human lives over the long decades from the likes of the Joker, Lex Luthor, Grundy, Sinestro and other DC villians.

    To me it seems like the Justice League merely treat the symptoms of Super villainy never really ending super villiany in the past 80 years while the Power Rangers across different seasons with different teams has treated and stopped the supervillian problem only for the bad guys to get replaced in the next season in another city to be dealt with by different team of Power Rangers continuing the work of their predecessors.

    The Justice League merely puts a band aid over the open wound of super villains while the Power Rangers cure the sickness of super villains and continues to fight new evils that would arise.

    The Justice League seem like Establishment Elite Superheroes to me in that say they are going to stop super villains only to put them in jail for a short time, let them out to fight them again to look heroic in an attempt to gain the public’s admiration, and never really do anything to create a permeant solution to end the super villian problem like life sentences with no parole in better guarded jails that they couldn’t escape from, rehabilitation and execution if they were dangerous like the Joker.

    80 years and the cities of the DC universe are never safe compared to Angel Grove and Mariner Bay which both had super villian problems for a relatively short time with no further casualties caused by super villains like Lord Zedd or any Power Rangers’ bad guy.

    The Power Rangers seem to actually bring positive change to their communities and stop the threats plaguing their people, saving many, many countless Human lives over the years in every season and they also have term limits too for who become Power Rangers from season to season giving all kinds of people from various backgrounds and communities the chance to get the mantle of superheroes for a period of time.

    With term limits to be Power Rangers, the Power Rangers as an organization are less likely to become corrupt like say the Justice League who possibly let super villains out on purpose just to fight them again and look like heroes at the expense of innocent Human lives.

    Power Rangers are like the everyman working class superheroes.

    I hate to say this but if I was to choose a team of Superheroes to become real to protect me and my community I would choose the Power Rangers over the Justice League because Power Rangers seem to have a better track record with defeating evil for good.

    Very weird that a group of teenagers in colourful spandex suits do a better job of keeping their communities safe than the Justice League who are filled with grown adults with real jobs or careers and they solve nothing.






    So you are saying you would rather having superpowered beings (power rangers) with a license to KILL?  With no accountability?

    As Judge Dredd’s byline says “Judge, Jury, Executioner”.

    That is why I have to side in this one with the Justice League, and its separate members.

    They stop the threat(s), and let the legal system deal with the villains according to the laws.

    It take more self control to NOT take a life than it is to Take a Life.

    And the number of times the Justice League tries to move the fight to non-populated areas where the odds of lose of civilian life/property would be decreased.

    From all I recall from Power Rangers, that is not the case with them.


    It might be nice to eliminate the villains all the time, but it makes for bad story telling.

    If the heroes KILL, what is to then stop the villains from not just trying to defeat the heroes, but to all out try to kill them as well?

    Kill or be kill is not superheroes stories to me.




    Well most of the Power Rangers villains are literal demons with sharp teeth, claws and tentacles, letting them live could be a danger for regular people. Do you think the Terror Toad from Power Rangers would be rehabilitated and not eat people? No Terror Toad would act on his monster instincts and continue to eat Humans, the Power Rangers Super Villains don’t see Humans as their equals and as such don’t share or respect the same values as Humans like Human life being precious so for the Power Rangers to put down monsters like Terror Toad is the only way to keep people safe.



    The DC and Marvel’s ‘heroes do not kill’ policy has always been a mixture of a genuine argument about when it is fine to kill another sentient being and the simple ‘meta’ fact that having recurring villains allows one to milk the villain’s (and, sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly, the hero’s) brand more.


    You can start a discussion on the killing thing, but they’re not ‘more effective’, just different within a different fictional universe.

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