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    I don’t know will many of you even look at this thread of mine here on the Geeks and Gamers forum or not as I can see there seems to be very very few Power Rangers fans besides myself on this website but I thought I would share this topic anyways as it has alot to do with wokeness infecting pop culture.

    What I am gonna share with you all here today to the few Power Rangers fans that might want to comment on my thread is the wokest thing I have ever seen recently from Power Rangers in a live action show of theirs which is this scene…



    If you had watched the link I put up to the scene then hopefully you’ll see the wokeness in the scene with the first female green ranger on Power Rangers Dino Fury and for some reason she ripped off her skirt after she morphed for the first time.

    All I have to ask after seeing this scene from Youtube was….why did Saban or Hasbro do this?

    This scene had nothing to do with the overall plot of the show of the Power Rangers fighting monsters but the Green Ranger decides to rip off her skirt for no reason once she morphed into her ranger form?

    All I can say is that Power Rangers did this for woke points thinking they’ll get a new fan base for doing this like what has become of Star Wars lately?

    I had looked at comments from other people who had seen this scene on Youtube also and I am shocked how oblivious these people are to the very very in your face wokeness this scene has shown with the female green ranger ripping off her skirt.

    The other people watching this scene on Youtube besides me are like

    “Oh the Green Ranger ripped off her skirt because her Super Senti counterpart is a guy and he didn’t have a skirt on his costume…and they wanted to make the Green Ranger in the American version of the show more accurate to the Japanese show.”

    I can agree with the people who say that the Green Ranger in Dino Fury had to look accurate to her counterpart in Super Senti who was male and didn’t have a skirt on his costume to match up with the Japanese footage that Dino Fury would be using throughout their season…..but……

    ……Why didn’t they just have the Green Ranger morph for the first time and have her not appear with a skirt at all if the footage from Japan didn’t have a skirt on it already?  Why did they go inaccurate to the Super Senti stuff for a second with the skirt scene?

    Getting woke seems like the only logical answer to why that Green Ranger ripping off her skirt scene even happened in Dino Fury and also the time period we live in now.

    For crying out loud the Yellow Ranger in Mighty Morphin, the Yellow Ranger in Wildforce, the Yellow Ranger in Lost Galaxy, the Yellow Ranger in Lightspeed Rescue, and the Yellow Ranger in Time Force all had Japanese Super Senti counterparts that were all male who didn’t have skirts on their costumes but when their American female counterparts morphed into their ranger forms they didn’t have skirts on their costumes either like their Super Senti counterparts did and no one made a big deal out of it back then nor did any of these past Yellow Rangers briefly appear with a skirt on their costumes just to rip off their skirts in these past Power Rangers seasons to show they were empowered females…

    …….yet here on Power Rangers Dino Fury in 2021 this skirt ripping scene happened and now exists in this age of Captain Marvel, woke ghost busters 2016, woke Star Wars, forced female leads in every movie and TV show, believe all wahmen and other stuff like that….

    ……you can’t tell me that the first female green ranger in Power Rangers ever ripping off her skirt isn’t the Far Left having infiltrated the production of Power Rangers changing over 25 years of good logical diversity into wokeness overnight and then making that skirt ripping scene in Dino Fury happen to make a woke statement?

    It is right there clear as day, and anyone who doesn’t see this female Green Ranger ripping off her skirt in Dino Fury as being a woke statement is either an idiot or just really really blind to what is going on in pop culture right now.

    This scenes doesn’t need to exist, gender bending male rangers from the Japanese Super Senti source material for Power Rangers in America has been going on a long time with many Yellow Rangers in past Power Rangers seasons…..so why do we need Saban in 2021 having to make a big deal out of the first female Green Ranger like this and making her rip off her skirt when the Yellow Rangers based on male Japanese counterparts didn’t do it ever, no one made a big deal about it and these same yellow rangers in these past Power Rangers seasons had been big role models for female Power Rangers fans for the past 20 something years?

    I think this Green Ranger ripping off her skirt scene is just a small test in how much the Far Left feels that they can get away with in pop culture but in the Power Rangers franchise before people in the public catch on like how the public caught onto what wokeness Kathleen Kennedy injected into Star Wars these past few years.

    We Power Rangers fans both long time and new fans need to call this stuff out in Power Rangers before Power Rangers ends up like Star Wars, Marvel, DC and other franchises that got woke and went broke.

    Have any of you seen this particular skirt ripping scene in Power Rangers Dino Fury? What are your thoughts on it?

    Also Jeremy Prime if you are watching and need a good idea for what to report on for a video, I think you should look into the skirt ripping scene in Power Rangers Dino Fury to call put the wokeness there, so can anyone in the Fandom Menace please tell Jeremy about this?
















    Were you really not expecting Power Rangers to be woke? If it’s any form of media from the West and not from the fans or an independent company, it’s going to have identity politics, guaranteed.

    As for my thoughts on this: DISRESPECTFUL! Saban should have their license on Super Sentai taken away for insulting every female Ranger with that scene. Hell, the Pink Ranger from Zyuranger alone has been better than every single female that has starred in Power Rangers since the very beginning and she not only wears a skirt but she’s was the only female in the show that wasn’t a villain and managed to be be one of the best characters of that series. It’s no wonder things haven’t gotten better since RPM and Dino Thunder.

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      😂😂😂 When I first saw this thread my first thought was “how is this such a big deal to SJWs?!? Yellow Ranger in Wild Force never had a skirt in the first place!”

      About the actual scene, yes, the reason for including it is definitely woke points, but the scene itself, literally who gives a shit? Fine, skirts aren’t her thing, she even says it, though making that scene slow-mo made it look extra cheesy, even for Power Rangers standards 😂

      And who knows, she might have a reason for not liking skirts, maybe she finds them uncomfortable, or dare I say, this scene could actually marker look less empowered, ’cause she might even feel self conscious about wearing a skirt… I know I have, especially in summer when I’m not wearing tights 😅😅 💨+👗=👙



      Yes I was holding a bit of hope that Power Rangers was not gonna get woke because Yellowflash2 reported on how the Power Rangers comics are outselling Marvel and DC right now. Marvel and DC who both got woke then went broke doing what they did to their comics.

      I thought since Boom Studios is currently for now at least not bending the knee to wokeness to sell good Power Rangers comics to their long time Power Rangers fans that Power Rangers was gonna not get woke?

      Why should Power Rangers get woke…they have diversity which works better and they had been using it for the past 2 decades or more.

      Diversity and wokeness are 2 separate things in my opinion.

      Diversity is natural, organic, logical, and a fair variation of people of all walks of life being represented without a agenda tied to it that only unites people to make the world better.

      Where as Wokeness is artificial, inorganic, divisive in it’s messaging of what it interprets as variation of different people in life, it is also unfair in creating a class system of some group having to suffer bigotry while the other groups thrives, and overall wokeness is more a tainted diversity or a sick parody of what true diversity is.

      I was hoping that Power Rangers was strong enough to say no to wokeness and stand up while others wouldn’t because they have the most diversity among the other franchises out there and know diversity the best enough to say no to wokeness then show the world what true diversity was.

      But this is just me being too hopefully and naive.


      The Power Rangers comics aren’t full of identity politics? And it’s good? Maybe I saw it wrong all this time. I thought it was just Sonic the Hedgehog and Kickstarter comics that are the only good stuff left in Western comics. Call me shocked because that’s where I thought the cancer for the series would start in.

      But yeah, since the Power Rangers tv show turning to trash, there’s always Super Sentai. After all, that’s where all the Tokusatsu footage comes from and it’s usually better.


      Interestedly enough last year in 2020, I managed to find a full complete season a Super Senti season that Power Rangers Turbo was based on.



      I had never seen Super Senti before until I got it, I haven’t watch it all yet but it was pretty interesting.


      This seems minor when compared to the Anthony Burch-written comics espousing the virtues of socialism:


      Hasbro’s biggest problem with the series right now is that they have no mecha toyline until late summer.

      Also check out the Super Sentai thread on this site to learn about international licensing and Japan’s absolutely bonkers designs this year which Hasbro will likely never touch.


      I think my step kid watched this stuff back in the day.

      I dont recall the female actress having a skirt on her uniform. What am I missing?


        I think my step kid watched this stuff back in the day.

        This isn’t from back in the day, it’s the most recent Power Rangers season, maybe your thinking of Dino Thunder or Dino Charge?



        It is Power Rangers Dino Fury which came out in 2021 where the skirt ripping scene happened


        I think my step kid watched this stuff back in the day.

        I dont recall the female actress having a skirt on her uniform. What am I missing?

        Every female Ranger had a skirt unless they sex-swapped one of the male Rangers (i.e. the Yellow Ranger in Mighty Morphin).


        Guess I paid even less attention than I thought.

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