Power Rangers’ suit colours and actors’ skin colours

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    Ever since Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came out and included in the team was Zack the Black Ranger who was of African American descent and Trini the Yellow Ranger of Far East Asian descent…..

    ……Saban or whoever owns the rights to Power Rangers as a franchise never had a black person being the black ranger again or an Asian person to be the yellow ranger ever again because the producers of the franchise feared doing that again would be politically incorrect and been seen as racist by their audience.

    And the interesting part is that the politically incorrect Power Rangers with the black guy being the black ranger and the Asian girl being the yellow ranger……is the most popular and beloved of the Power Rangers seasons that people most remember and associate with the Power Rangers brand even now in the Boom comics.

    And this gets me to wonder…..what if Saban or whoever owns Power Rangers now decides to do a new Power Rangers season featuring a new Yellow ranger and new Black ranger.

    Then they have an open casting call for actors and actresses of all ethnicities to play the Power Rangers then the producers during auditions meet an actual Asian person of Far East descent that is an actor or actress that actually wants to try out for the role of the yellow ranger and brought the right energy, charisma and personality for the Yellow Ranger?

    Also the Asian actor or actress for the role of the yellow ranger knew they were playing the yellow ranger and came specifically to try out for just that role along with that coloured suit and didn’t care about being political incorrect.

    And so the producers who wanted the right performance for the role for the yellow ranger and the best qualified for that role happened to be the Asian actor or actress and the producers need to cast someone soon…

    ……would the producers just tell the Asian actor or actress that they can’t play the role of the yellow ranger because they are Asian even though they had the right performance that the show needed for that Yellow Ranger? Cause to me that sounds racist too even if it is done to avoid being politically incorrect and being accused of being racist.

    So to me….why can’t I as an Asian man from a Far East background try out for the role of a male yellow Power Ranger in a new Power Rangers season and as long as I get the right performance for what is required of the character that the shows creators want…..I get the role?

    Cause to me it seems undiverse and uninclusive if the creators and producers of Power Rangers only ever had one Asian person to play the yellow ranger and that was Trini from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers but they can’t give a chance for a Far East Asian male actor to play a male yellow ranger like me or anyone who was of my gender and ethnicity.

    Cause if the producers and creators of Power Rangers think I can’t play the yellow ranger because my skin is yellow then they are ignorant cause though I’m Asian…..my skin isn’t yellow, my skin is tanned and I’m not trying out for the role of the tanned ranger but I am trying out for the yellow ranger.

    I as an Asian person in all my years have never in my life seen any Asian person from a Far East background with skin that is yellow like Pikachu’s fur or a lemon cause if I did that Asian person with actual yellow skin like a lemon then that Asian person is either really really sick with something needing to go to a hospital as soon as possible or they got so drunk then decided to paint their whole body in yellow body paint.

    Cause these people that do these Power Rangers seasons have no idea that there are people out there who are Asian that actual like the colour yellow and would play the yellow ranger and don’t care about the PC nonsense if they got the role of yellow ranger.

    And this same logic can apply to what if an actor of African American or just African descent went and auditioned for the role of the black ranger in a new season of Power Rangers and liked Zack as the black ranger and wanted to be the new black ranger?

    Would the creators and producers of Power Rangers tell the black actor he can’t play the black ranger because he was black?

    Also what if a Native American guy who loved watching Power Rangers wanted to play the red ranger….would the show’s producers and creators not let him play the red ranger because it was politically incorrect also?

    Also I noticed something white people’s skin isn’t really white like plain white paper or snow but rather a light pink and Power Rangers had casted several actresses of Caucasian European descent to play the pink rangers for years in the various Power Rangers’ seasons……is it not racist that the light pink skinned girl played the pink ranger?

    Show’s creators and producers did this even more times than the Asian girl playing the yellow ranger in Mighty Morphin?

    So the pink skinned girl’s skin match her pink suit colour more accurately than Trini’s tanned skin to her yellow suit.

    Just saying.








    The whole “color stereotypes” in Mighty Morphin was coincidential in the first place. David Cranston was originally cast as the Red Ranger but felt he would do better as the Blue one (Austin St. Jon, a Native American, would then become the Red Ranger) while Walter Jones was the Blue Ranger but felt he could do better as the Blue One. Also, the Yellow Ranger was originally a Latina and a tomboy but she got fired after wanting more money.

    Honestly, I wish they kept her since a tomboy would’ve made sense given the Yellow Ranger was originally a male in Zyuranger. He’s even named Guy. I know the fans like Thuy Trang and it seems disrespectful to want someone else given that she’s dead but it’s just one guy’s (no pun-intended) opinion in the end.

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