Prediction time, the COVID situation

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    Well ya, they probably have since they have been around since 1916 an were major parts in the abortions cases. So 62+ million since 1973 alone they were at minimal supportive of.


    Well here is the Guidance for 2021 school year Arkansas….FREEDOM…. over JACKBOOT.


    Give it time, they are still whipping it up. I figure within the first quarter of the school year it will look like the prior year.


    I often wonder how a regular FLU season would be if we were testing continually for that and tracking everyone, and then when people died in a car accident we tested them for the regular flu and said they died of that instead of blunt force trauma,  I would think that the numbers would be about the same as COVID.   Up until the crazyness,  the regular flu was killing 60K, 70K and even 80k people up till 2019.   So if you pull back the NY and Washington state numbers with the elderly home issues and then take away the mis-reporting of covid death due to gun shot wound stuff, and remove the $$ incentive for hospitals to diagnose you with it, we would probably end up with a slightly higher than normal flu number.   Currently the 7 day average in the US is about 290, which translates to about 100k a year.  Each year heart disease kills 600k a year.     Now do some simple calculations, even with the current supposed death toll of 611k, divide that by the number of cases.  You get 1.7% fatality rate.   Now if you remove the deaths by gunshot and others that were misreported and that MANY people had covid, did not report it or were like myself who does not get bad reactions to the flu.  then the death rate is well below 1%.   So from the start this has been one big lie.  Do a little research and you find that Fauci may have single handedly caused the Aids epidemic, this person has no incentive to help you, just himself.   I will never get any vaccine, ever.   Moved from California to Florida and the air is much better here.


    I think the flu and covid are similar to how they spread. In other words, most don’t get sick or show symptoms but end up spreading it. So it somewhat fools you into spreading it around. I think where they differ is covid appears to be more severe. So sure, covid is wildly infectious but most people seem to either shrug it off or don’t even know they have it. That is not to say some folks don’t get really sick, I know they do.


    And more fresh off the press going in to affect TODAY

    Act 1002 bans state and local governments from requiring masks.
    Act 977 bans state agencies from requiring COVID-19 vaccines.
    Act 1030 bans state agencies from requiring “vaccine passports.”
    Act 462 forbids discrimination against health care workers who refuse to participate in a service that violates their conscience.

    As to our prior year, only difference between it and regular years (Mask and Limited crowds at events).

    Now as to Fauci (The nations leading infections disease specialist and epidemiologist) <<read very sarcastically said>> This piece of shit was telling people to still go on “TENDER HOOK UPS” Seriously infections disease including sexual, and this PIECE OF SHIT who is suppose to be the one who if fighting to cure and stop them is telling people to do the #1 thing that causes them to spread! Enough said he should have been fired right then and there for saying that.

    Fatality rate FYI… PER THE CdC for Covid only is 6% or less. That means in the USA right now Covid ONLY death is:
    Confirmed Cases 34,603,433
    Death all Cases 616,040
    6% of all deaths 36962
    Mortality rate .10 percent that is (POINT 10)
    Survival rate 99.90%

    Remove nursing home deaths early on and the survival rate is more like 99.98%

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