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      Drop your PSN and what games you’re playing!


      Games: Call of Duty, Fallout 76, Minecraft, Doom Eternal, Diablo III, Fortnite (Save the World, not that garbage ass Battle Royale), Mortal Kombat 10 & 11, Tera, and GTA V.

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      D-DayCobra on PSN. I usually play Titanfall 2 because it’s the GOAT

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      PSN- WereNyte. I played Nioh 2, Rpg,

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      PSN THOR_TD   I mainly play Warzone at the moment but will play Apex, Battlefront 2, Battlefield 1,4 and 5.

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      lavosslayer – I play mostly single player RPGs but if you want to see another name pop up on your screen on rare occasion then by all means!

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      Roas_Atrades on PSN

      Working on Greedfall, Assassin’s Creed Origins and Odyssey.

      Resisting the urge to play Mass Effect Trilogy for the millionth time.


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        GreedFall is fucking brilliant.
        It may be the best game of the generation.
        Although, my DC bias would probably have me still say it’s Arkham Knight.

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      PSN: AlyciaChloe


      I’m currently playing through every Uncharted game.

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      PSN: Marka_Ragnos_

      I mainly play a lot of single player jrpg’s but I have been looking into playing Final Fantasy 14 again or Destiny 2 again and I play Warframe sometimes aswell

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      PSN: Turtle-Saver72

      I’ve been playing: Battlefront II, Rocket League, Spider-Man, Titanfall 2 (thanks to Jeremy actually)

      Want to soon play Horizon Zero Dawn again

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      PSN: Bizarre__Star

      FYI, that’s 2 underscores.

      Mostly I’ve just been playing Tekken and Samurai Shodown. Kind of been at a rut right now.

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      PSN: Dirty_Chewbacca

      I’m currently playing DayZ and Destiny 2 with the odd game or two of Dead by Daylight. I’ll probably start playing Battlefront 2 soon if I can resist the urge to not play Witcher 3 yet again.

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      PSN: B3yond_Immortal

      I’m currently playing Spider-Man and Devil May Cry 5

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      • PSN WolfLordAndy
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      PSN: TheDoctor1872

      play COD Warzone, COD WWII Zombies, Red Dead Redemption 2, FIFA 20, Battlefield 1, Rainbow Six Siege

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      Satyr_9…add me if you dare. I’m into a lot of single player stuff but trying to break out of my shell. My attention span is limited so I play many games. Lately I’ve been into Star Wars:Battlefront II, Children of Morta, and anything with zombies!

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      My PSN is Ryumoau.

      Though i mostly play single player games, usually JRPGs and indies. Just finished Trials of Mana and Final Fantasy VII remake. Currently playing an indie game called Swords of Ditto.

      Used to be heavy into CoD online. Now i just mainly play the campaigns of them only. lol

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      PSN: USDutchkitty

      Currently playing FFXIV on the Gilgamesh server, just made a linkshell called “Bad Wolf” but I also play Fortnite for my co-op gaming needs.

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      DirkDiggler8509 (just changed it from thruxbeinxxcool) on PSN. I haven’t been on of late because I’ve been focusing on my fitness.

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      PSN: Philip_J_Fry2049

      I tend to play a lot of Battlefront 2 and some Uncharted 4 from time to time.

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      I dont play online games. Much of the time my PS4 isnt even connected to the net as my WIFI signal is cut in half when my bedroom door is shut.
      PSN handle is MrDragonbane but I dont think I have anyone as a PSN friends list; not even real world friends.

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      (If you add me, put Geeks + Gamers in the friend request, please)

      Havent been playing online much recently but when I do it’s usually Overwatch, Paladins or MK11 (although the recent overpricing of Aftermath has kinda pushed me away.). Probably try out Battlefront 2 since it’s free this much. I dabble in random shit from time to time as well.
      Feel free to add me, either way, because we could play something similar in the future.

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      PSN: DrManhattan3005

      I’ve been playing Battlefront II a lot recently.

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      Is Tera worth getting into? How much of a money sink is it?

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      Toastie_McBake.  I play all kinds of stuff but mostly single player games. Right now mainly focusing on Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Persona 5 Royal, Street of Rage 4, and Trials of Mana.  If there are any Bloodborne or Souls fans out there I’m usually down for co-op.

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        Dude, since I bought a PS4 recently, I played Bloodborne and couldn’t put it down. Now I’m on my second playthrough of DS3 and I’m an avid fan now.


        PSN: Sir Suppa

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      I currently playing through borderlands headstone collection for the first time. I played warframe non-stop for a long time, but I became bored and needed to move onto something else.

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      Psn: SuijinSenshi

      I’m more of a single player but I’m down to play some Rocket League, GT Sport, Tekken 7 or SF V.

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      play battlefront 2 , call of duty and fifa online mainly

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      PSN – AlphaTechUnityTV

      I mostly play Battlefront 2, Smite, Paladins, Fortnite, Black Desert Online, Destiny 2, Apex Legends & Call of duty Warzones.

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      PSN:  Legleiticus


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      I created a new PSN for playing online games.

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      psn Azagoth99

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      Hello everyone my psn is: Ally-C-83


      Be sure to join the Geeks + Gamers PSN community, share any videos the G+G team put up on youtube or when they are streaming etc… Trying to get that active again too, over 300 people have joined in last few days

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      I play a lot of games. Right now I’m playing NHL 19.



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      Hello, my psn ID is Shadow_Fenrir24 and only multiplayer games I play is cod at the moment. Also on Steam alot.


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      PSN – Sir Suppa

      Just recently bought a PS4 (been mostly an avid Xbox fan from the beginning).

      Games – Ghost of Tsushima, Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War, Fallout 4, Spiderman, Rocket League, Watchdogs 2

      I’ve dabbled in COD: Warzone (used to be a COD fanatic) and Titanfall 2 is my shit, though I don’t own it on the PS4… yet.

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