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    PSN – bowtieZRcool88

    Mainly playing APEX Legends, Overwatch, or Battlefront 2

    Gonna be restarting the Witcher 3 soon (never finished it) and I wanna get into SW Squadrons. The multiplayer looks fun and I like the setup of first-person only


      @bowtieZRcool88 Hey I’ll play APEX with you! My psn is my username here :D I’ll send you a request XD

      I’m also gonna be playing Red Dead Online, Call of Duty Black OPs and Warzone, and BF1 and V :D If anyone has those on PS4 and I’m planning on buying a PS5 real soon as well.


      I need to play battlefront 2 again on my PS4


      my psn is Typon_thedragon I mainly play a lot of Final Fantasy 14 ^^





      I’m all over the place as I’ve played some classics like the LOTR games this year and even platinumed the original final fantasy 7 when rebirth came a day late.  Now working on Rise of the Ronin and then probably Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties after that

    Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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