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    I love my PSVR. The platform offers experiences and gameplay that, simply, isnt possible in traditional gaming. However, it’s never taken off amongst the majority of gamers and I understand why.
    When it comes to PSVR, most of the stuff on it are indie games made by 3 or 4 people. They can be fun but that’s not going to bring people to the system. They need to make a VR exclusive God Of war, Uncharted, Horizon. A major IP that gets attention. Hell, they could make a The Last of Us where the player could beat the piss out of Joel with a golf club in first person!
    Valve did it with Half Life: Alyx and it worked out extremely well for them. If Sony wants to commit to VR, they need to FULLY commit. Not rely on a bunch of niche or first time developers and optional VR modes or half assed side content in AAA games.

    Dont get me wrong. There is some amazing shit on PSVR right now (Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is brilliant). Sadly, great game arent enough to gain the attention of the mainstream.


    Iron man, Star Wars Rogue Squadron were amazing releases last year. Even No Man Sky is fantastic with the PSVR.

    Sony needs to improve in-game movement, it often gives people motion sickness. That being said, I can’t wait to see the PSVR 2, I heard rumours that they were going wireless, that would be great.


    I bought the psvr when they launched it. The first 2 months we loved it, every time we had dinner with friends or a party everyone wanted to try and we had fun, specially with the mini games like astro bot (the dinosaur one is really fun), job simulator and Carnival. But after a while, it gets boring, the headaches started to be annoying (if we play more than 30min straight) and all the cables are quite messy. So I decided to sell it. Was just wasting space in the living room.

    But if they do more decent games and if the next psvr is wireless and smaller, then it’s good stuff. Just cannot be so overpriced…


    Not going wireless.
    It is going to be 1 wire, this time, though.
    Which I, actually, think is a good thing.
    The battery life of the wireless VR sets is dog shit.

    Motion sickness is a you problem. Some games offer various methods of movement but it’s a TV strapped to your face, there’s nothing Sony can do to change that.


    I cant remember how much it was launch to comment on it being overpriced but when I bought it for 350, I felt like that was fair.
    Smaller would be cool but I DONT want it wireless (which they already announced it wont be. They are reducing it to 1 cable, though.). Or, if they do make it wireless, have the option to play wired.
    The wire helps keep me tethered to real world. Without it, I would find myself walking into a wall or falling into my TV or some shit.
    I also dont want a 2-3 hour play time limit, as I very rarely get motion sickness in VR and can play for hours when I have the time.

    I’m more interested in it having inside out tracking (No reliance on the camera) and giving me some controllers that arent as trash as the Move controllers (which, they gave also announced they are doing)


    The PSVR lens (that glass thing, i’m not sure how to call it), also gets blurry/foggy very easily lol xD

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