Qatar and Hypocrisy

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    Am I the only one seeing this massive hypocrisy?

    We hear so much from the radical left about how interfering with other societies is intrinsically evil. We hear how all societies are equal and have the right to exist as is to the point that we should welcome them without limitation into our countries.

    But when they find disagreement on certain things then all of sudden they are arbiters of all that is right and good and those societies need to change immediately.

    Personally, I do think we should leave other societies be. Every society should be proud of it’s culture and have the right to prioritize it’s own people. This does not mean we cannot disagree with them, but forcing our beliefs upon them I do not think is correct.  The US has done just that for decades and its led to nothing but bloodshed, tears and carnage as I see it.



    But that is exactly what the extremely toxic far alt-leftoids are.

    So long as everything goes according to their agenda, then their delusional world is OK.

    But once they find people/nations/cultures that REJECT their woke/sjw/agenda, then they show their true colors.

    If it is not woke, they will cry like the banshees that they are.

    How darn you have values and morals and principles!  We don’t!  And neither should the world.

    These leftoids can’t understand people are not NPCs who blindly follow their agenda.

    Or understand when people/cultures/nations push back against their idiocy.

    I do hope history looks back at the era of wokeness as a blight on society that lasted longer than it should have, and created more harm then good.


    I am behind what Qatar has done.

    They invited the world to their nation to enjoy the spectacle that is the World Cup.

    They did not invite activists and cry babies to piss on their culture and society.


    Just because those activists HATE their culture/nation/society, does not give them the right to disrespect others.


    But the hosts have had missteps.  If they knew all along they were not gotta allow beer to be consumed in the stadiums during matches, that is a BIG problem.  And they should reimburse the corporation who purchased those exclusive rights to sell “IN THE STADIUMS DURING MATCHES”.


    So clearly that was some kind of mistake then if they sold rights to sell in the stadiums.  But since they are an Islamic culture it really should surprise no one.

    But I am with you on Qatar.  It’s their culture and their country.  While I disagree with parts of it I don’t believe we have the right to dictate to them how to live in the same way we don’t want anyone telling us that.

    But you are right about the radical left.  I don’t think they care about hypocrisy one bit because the reality is they are 100% behind the ends justifies the means.  They don’t care what is needed to be done or said, so long as they “win”.

    The thing about the insane left is this.  There denial of reality and their embracing of their personal fantasies is only possible while everyone is “fat and happy”.  The absolute second people have to worry about if they will eat, get gas, have a job or be able to care for their children that bullsh!t stops like it never existed. And those times, unfortunately, are around the corner.  Once the economy of the world truly stumbles, woke vanishes like a breath in the wind.

    Woke and suffering are mutually exclusive.

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    One thing that made me and my dad laugh over the weekend was them complaining about beer and alcohol being banned. Clearly the left aren’t aware that Middle-Eastern countries don’t like beer and alcohol!


    Islam is obiously next on the left’s (WEF. Dems, EU, Soros) chopping block. They’re still using it to destroy Europe and maybe kill those pesky jews they hate so much, but make no mistake, they are pouring a lot of money into weakening Islam. A Saudi I know told me how the West is really pushing their agenda in SA, pressuring the government to allow their NGOs to spread propaganda etc.
    Which is why Saudi Arabia now cuddled up to Russia a bit, which caused Biden to openly threaten to “reevaluate” the US-Saudi relationship


    They are going with the Chinese model.  Which is the communist one where your only approved god is the state whos word is holy and going against it is a blasphemy worthy of anything they deem required to punish you.

    Essentially they want  (demand) you give up God, guns, and your autonomy.  And in return they promise equality and utopia but the reality is you will only get equal poverty and suffering.

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    @Vknid who exactly is this ”they” you guys are always talking about?

    And the issue about the world cup in Qatar is that corrupt and money hungry people like Sepp Blatter and Gianni Infantino accept countries that shouldn’t host the football world cup to host them.

    The anger isn’t that much about trying to force muslim countries to adopt western principles, but the issue is that Fifa which is an European organization which holds modern western values are taking bribes by oil countries which don’t support equal human rights.

    There’s zero reasons for Qatar to host a world cup. They had zero stadiums so they straight up used slaves to build stadiums and between 6000-12000 of them died due to insanely poor working conditions. It’s a country which believes homosexuality is a disorder. The climate makes it impossible to play during summer so they had to cram the world cup into the middle of the season leading to and intense workload and a record number of players injured. Basically everything is completely ass backwards. And the issue lies here. An organization representing modern western values sold their souls for oil money, and that’s why people are angry, since football has been building towards a more positive future with inclusion and harsher punishements for racism etc but then they pull stunts like this because of corruption.

    So to sum it all up, it’s not about organizing the world cup in a muslim country to push western values on them, it’s about  OT organizing the world cup where you get locked up for being gay and excluding people. Football should be a sport for everyone.


    “So to sum it all up, it’s not about organizing the world cup in a muslim country to push western values on them, it’s about  OT organizing the world cup where you get locked up for being gay and excluding people. Football should be a sport for everyone.”

    You just contradicted yourself within the same sentence.

    I am not trying to be combative but if folks disagree with their culture fine. Or if you don’t fine.  But we seem to have both things going on depending on who it serves and when in general.

    For me, just as I would not want China dictating morality to my country I do not think we should dictate morality to Qatar.  This is not to say we are not free to aggressively disagree with it however.  Countries just need to keep their hands to themselves.


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    You just contradicted yourself within the same sentence.

    how so?

    For me, just as I would not want China dictating morality to my country I do not think we should dictate morality to Qatar.

    And most people aren’t trying to convert Qatar to a western cultured country because it’s not something we can do just like that. There probably are some but I just say good luck with that. But the best we can do is protest so that FIFA do not organize the World Cup in a country that

    1) doesn’t represent the values that FIFA supposedly and football as a sport stand for and promotes inequality and has an extremely conservative culture that goes against the progress the west has made in terms of equal rights

    2)doesn’t even have the capacity to host a World Cup. They had to utilize slaves to build the 8 stadiums in 12 years and Watar doesn’t even have a football culture, they are literally buying fans from Lebanon to act as Qatar fans to make it look like there’s atmosphere. This whole World Cup is just based on corruption and false illusions on behalf of exploiting people in poverty.

    There really are no good reasons to let Qatar host the world cup and I would have to hear anyone counter and tell me why it is a good host country, I really can’t think of any reasons. And on top of this, FIFA is silencing people protesting and punishing western countries for rainbow armbands etc because they know the Qatari elite doesn’t like this.

    And again, I would be interested in hearing who the ”them/they” people are you mentioned. It feels like it’s a term people on the right just use to blame everyone who disagrees with their ideas but no one actually knows who these mysterious people really are and what their goals are.

    For a group of people who hate the they/them pronouns, y’all sure like to use those pronouns a lot 🤪



    Also according to FIFA, a player or his parents need to live in a country for at least 5 years before the players turn 18 to be able to represent said country. In Qatar’s national team there’s 6 players who do not fulfill these criterias but are still playing in Qatar’s national team. Not only is Qatar buying fans from abroad to fill the stadiums, they are also literally buying players to represent their country because they do not have enough players, and FIFA turns a blind eye. It’s just corruption and money talking. Businessmen doing businessmen things.


    Are westerners capable of being a guest somewhere for even one day without being an alcoholic or a sexually ravenous whore slut?

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