R.I.P Joel Schumacher

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    Everything wrong with social media summed up with twitter ragging on him for Batman and Robin rather than celebrating his better films, The Lost Boys being my fave movie of all time. St Elmos Fire was an instant classic.

    Falling down is a really good movie (almost unknown to some) and in a possible unpopular opinion, I rate Batman Forever, it’s probably aged horribly but for a 90’s action movie it was ace, Riddler and Two Face stole the show. Again, Phoenbooth is a solid movie, interesting plot and kinda fresh in a sea of cookie cooker thrillers


    RIP man


    A lot of his movies were one and done for me. Never really resonated all that much…but come on…Batman and Robin was soooo bad.




    I didn’t say it wasn’t bad, at all, I said he had better movies and people on twitter couldn’t see past Batman & Robin …. and on here it would seem.


    Maybe it’s not the greatest movie ever made but back in the day I most of watched D.C. Cab on HBO like a dozen times.


    I know…I’m just being a dick because I have nothing else to add ;)


    And an excuse to use that picture.



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    I dunno, could anyone re-watch Batman and Robin? I’d be up for it …… if someone else was too, I ain’t doing this on my own LMAO! I went to the cinema to watch the crap, but I was with a girl so it wasn’t all bad


      I’ll re-watch it! I actually enjoyed the movie :D








        Man, this place needs a like button LOLOL


        I couldn’t help myself. My instincts took over.


        If I remember correctly, Joel Schumacher publicly apologized for the terrible Batman films he made. It doesn’t really seem like it was his fault anyway. He was just under immense studio pressure


        I take it you’ve never seen Bloodsport.


          He actually apologizes for it on the DVD commentary of the film. haha

        Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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