Race and Gender Swapping Superheros

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      Marvel is race and gender swapping a lot of superheros these days. This latest Spider-Man game doesn’t seem to bother that many.. But to me it’s really just bullshit. So we are getting Female Thor, Female Hulk, Black Captain America, Black Spider-Man. And lets not forget Captain Marvel was a dude.. Oh and DC and Batwoman.. WTF And they killed off Iron Man…. So are we going to get a female or black Iron Man next? Guys this is fucked up. I love Static Shock and Black Panther. I’m also a fan of Blade. These are original cool black characters. But this race swaping shit needs to stop. And give me some cool original female superheros… Am I crazy or does anyone else feel the same?


      It’s perfectly alright to forget Captain Marvel was originally a dude because homeskillet died in 1982 and the mantle has been passed around to several characters over the years until it ultimately wound up with someone that had been around just as long.


        The characters you (DisneySucksBalls) mentioned aren’t race/gender swapped, they are different characters who take on the mantles of the original heroes, in DC they call them legacy characters, don’t know if it’s the same in Marvel. What’s gonna happen in The Eternals is gender swapping, taking an original character and changeing their gender, and i’m really bummed about that. I don’t have as much of a peoblem with race swapping, so long as the actor’s good for the role, example: i really like Zendaya’s MJ and Tony Revolori’s Flash


        Zendaya was terrible. She isn’t a very good actress, and frankly, not that attractive.

        This is MJ, now and forever:



          Fully respect your opinion.  That is MJ now and forever for me too. I’ve liked Zendaya’s acting since i first saw her in the movie Zapped, and i think that the fact that she doesn’t look exactly like MJ but still maneges to make me belive she’s that character is a really tough thing to do and takes a lot of talent


          Fair point.

          I noticed Zendaya as she rose through the Disney child actor machine over the years. I was never impressed by her compared to others coming out of it. I also don’t like her MJ, because frankly, Zendaya’s MJ is a dripping with SJW, and it turns me off.

          I really don’t see why they couldn’t have just made her a new original girlfriend for Peter. I wouldn’t have given two shits then. I would have watched, shrugged, not enjoyed her but then not given it a second thought once the movie was over. But because they are trying to appropriate the character, or at least an altered version, of Mary Jane I was automatically going to be pissed off. These writers have no respect for Lore or Canon, and therefore, do not respect us the fans.

          They fail to understand how much more money they would make on all these properties if they simply stuck with the Lore as it was and didn’t SJWify everything to appease the Twitter mob who don’t buy anything.


            Agreed, race swapping is a typical SJW move, but so far Zendaya’s MJ hasn’t gone full on crazy SJW, and hopefully she won’t in Spidey 3


            This current version of Spider-man is so far removed from the character most of us grew up with, it shouldn’t matter who Zendaya played (she’s great btw) or that Aunt May is super f’n hot.


              I hate that too, and it’s not even well done, like if they would make it good there would be much less opposition but these people are talentless hacks and diversity hires that care 1st and foremost about their agenda.


                I was pissed when Bucky did not become Cap.  I almost walked out of the theatre.  It was crystal clear why Sam was chosen.


                It certainly was as he hadn’t spent decades killing folks for Hydra.

                Regardless of being mind controlled, Bucky wasn’t worthy of the mantle, hasn’t completed his redemption arc, and there’s no way the U.S. Government would back him.

                Not Cap material.


                  I would’ve liked to see Bucky get the shield, but i can see that Falcon’s the more responsible one

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                  But Falcon did take up the mantle in the comics for a while. Bucky too at a different time, ultimately going back to Steve at some point. I don’t mind either of them having it as long as the story makes sense.

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                  The problem with Captain Falcon America is that his run in the comics was apparently super woke, which means in all probability MCU version will come at us with the woke as well.

                  Honestly, with End Game come and gone, I’m checked out of the MCU, now. I own almost all of Phases 1-3 on blu ray with one or two exceptions, so I’m good.


                    Roas, could you please tell me what year Cap-Falcon was introduced? i was under the impression he came out before the woke era

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