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    I just picked up a Razer Kishi to use with my Razer Phone for mobile gaming and I’m absolutely loving it! While it’s true you can use it with only some mobile games right now, being able to use it with my Steam Link, PS4 Remote Play and Nvidia Geforce Now apps makes it totally worth it. I literally have a switch style PC anywhere I go with all of my games available at my fingertips.

    The controller itself connects directly to the USB C port eliminating lag and latency that are present with bluetooth controllers and allowing you to connect to headphones instead. Although all of the mentioned apps are not natively supported yet, they load up fine and work as you would want them to. The app maps the buttons as though you are using a XBONE, PS4 or Switch controller and the games, when loaded, inherently know what to do with it. For $79.99 on the Razer store I say it has been worth every penny!



    Does it work with phone cases? wired headphones? i’ve been looking into getting my self one for more immersive geforce now / android minecraft and some emulation, but i am not willing to give up my headphone port.

    I do own a xbone controller with a phone mount, though it’s the best option in the market due to it being a litteral gaming controller, it’s really bulky to walk around with.


    I don’t think it will work with a case on as the rubber inserts in the frame hug the phone pretty snuggly. You can use usb C headphones/3.5mm->usb C dongle or bluetooth. I use it with my Razer Phone which doesn’t have a headphone jack. If you had a phone like the old Sony Xperia 3 which has the jack on the side then it might work but if it’s on the top or bottom of the phone then the only methods are the one’s I’ve previously mentioned.


    Does the usb c 2 headphone jack work through the controller?


    How are you getting it to work on PS4 remote play? It doesn’t seem to be working for me…i’m not sure it’s actually compatible.


    I have it. There is only one problem with it. I actually made a review for it on my Youtube channel.

    It doesnt fit the Razer Phone!!!

    Razer made a controller for cell phones that doesnt fit their own cell phone!


    The irony of that 🤣, I got the Kishi at Christmas time there, It fits my phone (Xiaomi Mi Note 3) with its gel case on, But if you have a phone with a good size battery like 4000mah then I would imagine it won’t fit with the added “fatness” of just a simple gel case. It does say you can remove the foam pad inserts so it will fit a phone with a case/fatter phone.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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