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    If you guys want to give people reasons to watch Anime, what will the reasons be?


    If I were to give people reasons to watch Anime, the reasons would be this:

    1)It’s not woke although a woke Anime was developed and luckily it got cancelled.
    2)It has Better Storytelling, Concepts, Action Scenes, Fight Scenes, Character Development.
    3)It’s pure Character Development.
    4)It’s more Unique and Experimental than Joker.
    5)The Anime and Manga Industry are resilient against Political Correctness and Wokeness.
    6)The Japanese are Wise, Intellegent, and total Alphas.
    7)The Japanese are willing to abandon and shutdown any Anime and Manga that doesn’t do well like for example Woke Anime, etc.
    9)Badass Superpowers, Weapon Designs, and Mecha Designs.
    10)It’s Risky as Joker
    11)It’s more creative and imaginative than Hollywood.
    12)It’s the Stories are Multi-Genre Stories because they feel like Muli-Genre Stories.
    13)The Anime and Manga are a Meritocracy.
    14)It convey Emotion way better than Hollywood.
    15)It potrays tragedy way better than Hollywood.


    In no particular order of importance:

    1) There are all sorts of anime about every subject/scenario so there is something for everyone;

    2) The stories tend to focus on family/friendship and loyalty and team work through adversity and overcoming differences to grow and succeed and there’s no SJW messaging;

    3) Traditional gender roles are generally embraced;

    4) Good storytelling

    5) Various art/animation styles – not the same Family Guy/Rick & Morty animation that every US cartoon has;

    6) It’s a way to discover good music if you’re into J pop etc.;

    7) You can learn another language that sounds very cool (my second favorite language to American English)

    8) You can learn things about the Japanese culture (also shows how a society functions when it’s not “enriched” with a hodgepodge of cultures that hate each-other, much to the chagrin of the left);

    9) A lot of anime like GTO (and the live-action series) tackles difficult subjects beautifully like bullying, suicide, depression, neglect and bad influences and it has good moral stories that are about overcoming those challenges (not every anime is like this)

    10) It can be a source of much entertainment and it enriches your life to have exposure to different things;

    11) A lot of stuff goes in the original versions without western censorship (boobs, prostitution, firearms, sexist behavior), because those who act badly in anime generally suffer terrible consequences and being good is ultimately rewarded. There can still be a little bit of preachiness in modern anime like that you shouldn’t skip school or smoke in the street or cross the street when it’s red, but it’s all the sort of stuff that makes sense and not radical agenda-driven stuff.


    My reasons:

    1._ Variety of ideas and concepts

    2._ Actual new stories, not stale and stagnant characters.

    3._ There’s something for everyone.


    And of course


    Tits are best

    Lets Go Oppay






    Reason: Good storyline. Creativity. Ecchi content. Fanservice. Boobs. Oh yeah, and my most favorite in anime, butt shots.



    My reasons for recommending anyone to watch Anime:

    – Great stories and character development.

    – No political correctness nor wokeness.

    – Different types of Anime for different people.


    Japan is better at coherent storytelling


    Why anime well , there is a lot of reasons. For start there’s a lot of variety , there is a anime out there for everyone. Actual good to honest storytelling. If these Social justice loonies would do a little research, yes I know thats a hard concept for the SJW mob to grasp , there are strong female characters in anime. Here’s are a few Major General Armstrong FMAB, Mikasa Ackerman Attack on Titan , Motoko Kusanagi Ghost in the shell stand alone complex, Erza Scarlet fairy tail, but I guess i would be told that I am mansplaining. What anime does right characters have flaws. Character development is key, Mary Sue or Gary stu characters are boring because they do not overcome anything, they are perfect in every way 💤. There are anime in which you can even have a little empathy with the villain. Not everything is clear as crystal. Some watch it for fan service. But in my opinion the biggest reason currently is that people are sick are tired of having politics shoved down their throats, anime seems to have avoided this . Sure there are questions of ethics and morality in anime, but it’s done to drive forward the story or bring up something about a characters past. It’s not used as a tool to be beat us over the head and try to guilt shame. So just relax pick anime you like and enjoy a little escapism, a word Hollywood has forgotten.

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    -Gorgeous animation

    -Excellent storytelling

    -They put characters first and everything else second

    – Women are actually women and men are actually heroic (heroic male leads are sooo hard to come by these days thanks to SJW’s😑)

    -It can appeal to all thanks to different types

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