Red Bull’s gone woke

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    Red Bull put on some kind of event, and they allowed a man pretending to be a woman to compete against real women in a skate boarding event, and he ends up winning. Yes, he won a women’s event. One of the women who competed is not happy about it, because he’s not only winning competitions, but taking money from women who are pro athletes.


    fuk redbull


    monster energy all the way


    I find it equal parts interesting and disturbing how the current state of the transgender thing seems to basically wipe women out of existence.  And to the point of now “woman” is undefinable.

    How can anyone agree with that nonsense?

    Do they not see how the “logic” (and on the surface) runs in a circle?



    I don’t drink energy drinks, ever. They are a rip off too imo. As is Starbucks too for that matter. I drink my own coffee, made myself.


    Energy  Drink…. It is just high content caffeine and sugar…. Total scam always has been…. You want to get a kick drink Cuban Coffee.


    Better yet start taking COLD showers to start your day 10 minutes straight COLD water, it not only wakes you up but has numerous health benefits. When you get out have a cup of Cuban Coffee.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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