Resident Evil 4 remake is woke trash


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    They have to do that or else they get bad coverage by game journalists. Several japanese companies have been threatened. This happened way back with Street Fighter 5 already. Capcom was threatened to either remove some of the sexual content in the game or some of the big gaming mags would boycott it.  SF5 was already more or less done back then, but now the new SF6 may as well be called Burka combat.


    nobody even reads gaming magazines anymore. Crapcom deserves to go broke for their lack of backbone


      So i went through the photos.. i only really see side by side of Ada.. they took her out of a nightgown/ nightie/ barely dress slip.  And put her in a skin tight sexy sweater top. her breast look bigger, and her other curves look nice. It doesnt look like a burka, you are blowing it way out of the water. Its not like the FF7 remake where Tifa went from triple ds to a C cup at best. They just made her look more bad ass and sexy. Kinda getting Lana Kane vibes from her.


      I guarantee you if it wasn’t for bitch ass gamergate and bitch ass Anita SourCuntsian and bitch ass feminism their outfits would not have changed


      and no, neither Ada nor Ashley look “more sexy” as you put it, they look like how insecure fat cosplay thots prefer to dress because they know the more skin they show, the more obvious it becomes how unattractive they are


      Another aspect of wokeness not mentioned here is the casting of voice actors. In RE2 Remake, Jolene Andersen played Ada Wong, and she wasn’t Asian. In RE4 Remake, Lily Gao is now the voice actor. Based on the few lines heard from the trailer, it seems clear to me that the only reason they changed the actor was for the sake of wokeness. I could be wrong; maybe she just wasn’t able to do the part for some reason, but I doubt it.


      It wouldn’t surprise me if the recasting was due to woke foolery however it’s worth noting that Lily Gao played Ada in that SJW propaganda garbage film last year in an after credits scene. It’s possible capcom hired her for this as a consolation prize for her because that worthless raceswapped movie likely won’t be getting a sequel


      And here we have the turd sprinkle on top of the diarrhea glazed sundae that is the remake of Resident Evil 4, I present to you all the dumb fucking “skort” like they used in RE3 remake

      E9B7A274-F99B-466E-808E-88AB5254E079As if the cringe orange jacket and middle school dress code leggings weren’t bad enough in of themselves


      that’s the result of hiring activist women to all these gaming (and entertainment) studios. It’s all censored, everything must look boring, just like their lives.


        I find it interesting how the same people that would cry for their freedom to do whatever they please will turn around and take that freedom away from others the very moment they gain some sort of power.  Makes it seem to me that they never cared about freedom but just wanted the power.


        They made sure Leon still loses his jacket though because the censorship rules don’t apply to male characters


        I wouldn’t label Woke as “propaganda” thought since it is the truth in regarding these changes. I will always love the original Resident Evil Series before 7 and I honestly don’t see what people disliked about Resident Evil 6 besides having more action which I will say has always been a part of the series.

        Granted, I will also say that the choice to make a Son for Wesker to continue a legacy for him was a bad choice, but was also happy to see Sherry Berkin make a very compelling return, but all that is getting off topic.

        The point I want to make is that woke content is not propaganda since its based in truth. I am sure it purely misconstruing your words, but I 100% understand what you’re saying and I am looking to refrain from buying Resident Evil 4 remake because I do not think they will make a faithful remake. After the disappointment of the Third Remake, I absolutely will not be supporting them any further.

        I think we all speak for the Resident Evil Fandom when we say: “NO MEANS NO” to altering the series to fit a narrative and I won’t spend a red cent until CAPCOM admits that their choices are 100% wrong. Since that will never happen, I will wait for their collapse. Same goes for Square enix. After Octopath 2, I will no longer be purchasing anything from Square Enix until they are out of business or until they fix their localization/censorship issues.


        There’s nothing “truthful” about wokeness. It is nothing but communist subversion designed to destabilize western society by keeping low IQ people from “marginalized” groups emotional so that divisions remain among the populace. This guy’s video articulates very well in terms of the entertainment industry:


          It’s all about dividing society into tribes and stoking war between every tribe such that everyone is divided and no one can raise up against the political elite in control.  This is why they fear any unity because it threatens their power.


          Yes, I know, but that is the truth about wokeness which is what I am trying to explain. Your original comment sounds like you were denying Woke even exists.


          I’m not arguing whether woke is truthful, I’m arguing that it’s not propaganda considering it does exist. Propaganda in terms of definition is meant to deny it even exists.

          In case you haven’t noticed from recent woke argument points: one of their biggest arguments is: “woke isnt a thing” when clearly it is a thing since people keep putting it in politics to do push disturbing policies.




          You’re splitting hairs. My point is that pro woke propaganda is being pushed in this game. Whether woke exists or not seems like an odd thing to speculate about since it exists as a social contagion. Wokeness is a social contagion, in that regard it exists. Pro-woke propaganda is messaging that is pro-wokeness

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