Resident Evil 4 remake is woke trash


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    It’s not splitting hairs, I think it’s extremely important to be clear in your writing is all, especially in these days where wokesters pop out of every corner on the internet. It’s hard to tell if you’re pro-woke or anti woke or non woke if I can’t tell you’re against the woke or for it.

    And yes, I agree with you 1000%. Woke is a mental disease that must treated as such. I was one of the first people fighting this BS the moment it came into the gaming scene censoring everything. I was the first to boycott playstation when they were censoring Japanese games. Everyone got whiny and pissy when I called it out and I had zero support.

    I’m here to push with everyone I see fighting. I boycott with the best of them and only buy Japanese RPG/indie dev games for the most part. Anything that puts pronouns, woke agenda, or adds unnecessary censorship, never sees a cent from my bank account.

    The fact that the Saints Row Reboot lost $100 million dollar in revenue shows that’s the boycotts for these games work when stand up to the woke nonsense. I got rid of people who aligned with this BS and called them out from hell and back.


    You’re 1000% correct and I couldn’t be happier to see passionate people like you push against the woke brain disease.

    Let’s keep making sure we don’t let these developers get away with it! GET WOKE, GO BROKE!



    I remember hearing that the excuse behind the additional excessive clothing on Ashley and Ada is due to the weather being cold within the story, but yet we have Leon running around in the rain wearing a t-shirt. What can we do to influence Capcom while the woke agenda infection continues to spread? Do we create a petition? Make a posts on Twitter to be retweeted? Instead of complaining about it on a forum, let us take action or else we will lose in the end. Less talking, more doing, people. Come on!


    The whole “muh cold weather” is such a dumb excuse and does not hold up. The game takes place in coastal Spain during autumn. Autumn ranges from late September to December, it likely takes place in October, the game doesn’t specify the month but I took the liberty of checking the weather in coastal areas of Spain in September, October, November AND December and it’s warm enough to make skirts and dresses plausible


    All this stupid fanboys that have no self control lying to themselves pretending the changes aren’t woke are pathetic and one of the reason this shit keeps happening, THEY know exactly that you have no self control and will buy and pay for their woke trash so they keep doing it.


    EXACTLY! And whenever you criticize CENSORSHIP they gaslight you and pretend you want nudity and want to masturbate. First of all, no, second of all even if it was about masturbation these woke leftists are supposed to be against kink shaming, are they not? Or do they only oppose kink shaming when it involves “changing” genders and mutilating the genitals of minors? But oh no “muh upskirts bad”.

    this is 100% typical post-gamergate wokeness because that BITCH Anita Sarkeesian had to make a bunch of damn videos crying crocodile tears about “muh objectification” and that crybaby hoe Sam Maggs had to squeal like a stuck pig about “muh virtual rape”!

    I’m sick of this foolishness!


      This gaming nonsense has gotten so bad I was recently on a forum for an old FPS I play on the regular.  And it being an FPS the goal of the game is essentially to shoot as many of the opposite team in the face as possible.  But someone was on the forums asking for people to be banned for “tea bagging” (yes just crouching over someone) because that was the same as rape.  THEY WERE SERIOUS.

      So yeah, limitless murder is ok.  But making your digital avatar crouch over someone else’s digital avatar is akin to forcing yourself on someone.



      Yeah take Hogwart legacy a game that had a ton of “controversy” and all of people were cancelling it and for what? the game is full of woke garbage, it’s cringe.

      I am seriously enjoying more going through old games in emulators than playing newer games because not only the gameplay is absolute fast food videogame garbage but you can not pass 10 minutes into any game this days without being exposed to the woke agenda.

      Oh and the gaslighting is real, they pretend like nothing weird is happening and you are seeing what you want to see, they normalize this shit and pretend it is normal and you are the one that is wrong for noticing it, just like the daily gaslight men suffer from women telling them they are their opressors and evil just because they have a dick while they keep gaining more and more privileges.


        It’s just like the drag queen thing.

        “what do you mean no one in drag is talking to little kids you are a conspiracy theorist you transphobe”

        and then shortly there after

        “what do you mean there is nothing wrong with people in drag talking to little kids you transphobe”

        Of course sometimes they say it out loud like that crazy San Francisco men’s choir thing. “we are coming for your children”

        I will disagree on 1 point. Hogwart’s is actually a great game.  Is there a little bit of woke in it?  If you look hard maybe.  But overall to say it is full of it is a gross exaggeration.

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        Damn right. They are perfectly fine with having toddlers at degenerate drag shows exposed to perverted adults wearing nothing but shoe strings but when it comes to grown adults having the POSSIBILITY to look up a skirt in a video game that’s where they draw the line for their pseudo Puritanism.

        personally I DON’T CARE to look up Ashley’s skirt, I just don’t want woke censorship being in the game but no matter how many times you tell the fat, onion-bearded leftists that on Twitter all they do is “muh go touch grass, you just want to look up her skirt chud”


        Hogwarts legacy has a ton of woke:

        • They litterally designed a transexual character and forced it down your throat
        • You are forced to be friends with this special black chick no one cares about because they have to push a “minority” down your throat, it is said uganda didn’t even existed back at that time, black people at that time wouldn’t be that common either.
        • You also learn from the person that introduces you to Merlin trials that she has a “wife” and later you actually meet her “wife”
        • They put a blind character and I bet 100% this is to force diversity and not just casual or has any good motives but agenda inclusivity because they even have a ton of options for disabled people in the actual game which I dont mind but I do mind when they tokenise disabled people
        • In Hogsmead I met a white lady that has a black kid LMAO and they have a special background scene so they really want you to see this
        • Barely any men in positions of power and most of them are women, Of course the Auror you meet after the troll attack in Hogsmead is a female and this example continues through the game, Of course the defense against dark arts is another female and I know this is deliverate
        • You can’t make white characters in the game without a mod but black characters can be done without issue
        • You are called “THEY” like how can you say this game doesn’t have this BULLSHIT whith a straight face when they fucking call you THEY in game
        • You can actually chose to be a WITCH (FEMALE) as a male avatar and you can actually go to the FEMALE comon rooms as a biological male…
        • You can chose to have a Male voice as a female and vice versa for the sake of including this mentally ill people

        And I haven’t finished the game, I bet I will encounter a shit ton more of this through the rest of my playthrough.

        But then as a game itself Hogwarts legacy is fast food videogame, its atrociously boring, if its considered an RPG is the bottom of the barrel type one , because is just that simplistic and boring, here is a list of the things I find wrong in the game:

        The stuff that I like about the game:

        • Aesthetically the world design, its really good looking and accurate to what we saw on the films.
        • The combat isn’t just button mashing and its quite cleverly done, probably inspired by the Lego Harry Potter games.
        • Obivously being able to make your own character

        The meh stuff, boring:

        • The world is lifeless, its beautiful but its litterally just a themepark and that kills all the immersion for me, no NPC schedules, no consequences as a student for not going to sleep at night, the world feels dead, you can’t talk with anybody, everything is static, you can’t even sit or sleep.
        • Aesthetically the world is amazing but hardly anything to discover and you sometimes you enter a cave and there is just a chest and you actually wonder if there is a hidden puzzle or something you are missing to continue but then you search online and find out that, that was truly it, LAME.
        • You can’t truly be evil in this game, is really dumb, for an “RPG” the desicion making on this game is nonexistant, hell you can just outright demand to be in a house at the beginning of the game instead of actually being assigned one according to a decent test and not just 2 stupid questions.
        • Sidequest are just fetch quests
        • The combat is great but the gear is so BORING for an “ARPG”, you can’t even get new weapons ok part of the lore but why does the wand handles give no stats instead of just being cosmetic that you never really see?
        • The broom upgrades are LAME, when I read you could upgrade the broom I thought the system would be deeper and instead its just a linear progression that unlocks via fetch quests, really, really LAME.
        • The main story is meh for me honestly but it wouln’t impact that much if the previous things weren’t bad.
        • Very few spells for a game that focuses on magic, sorry to say this again but Elden Ring is not a game that primary focus is being a mage and has probably 10 times more spells than this.
        • The combat has a TON of issues in itself but the worst one is how enemies teleport attack you, its so stupid beyond belief

        Stuff that isn’t there but I wish it was there:

        • House points
        • Quiddich


        Now our character, THEY, LMAO the “GARY STU, MARY SUE”

        We are supposed to be this new kid that is in need of special assignments to put us up to speed with the rest of the ordinary students becuase we are behind all of them but:

        • We don’t actually need to study
        • We learn complicated spells by doing nonesense that has nothing to do with the spell in question
        • We massacre enemies like we are Merlin himself
        • We are constantly out of school fooling around instead of attending actual classes, reading books or practicing spells
        • We are a student yet we are never evaluated, we never do tests, we never really have to attend classes, we can do anything we want
        • Everybody knows us, people we never met before knows us and RELIES ON US!!! WTF!!!
        • Its impossible for us to fail any task and we are constantly bombarded with praise about how good and special we are
        • The story revolves around us being special and a “chosen one”
        • Curfew and Hogwarts rules don’t apply to us
        • We can’t be evil, we have to be good or very good and nobody is ever going to be mad at us ever
        • We don’t capture animals no we “RESCUE” them LMAO

        I am constantly in complete disbelief, this game makes no sense and I don’t know why they had to do this, this seems to be made to cater to the newer generations that don’t want to put any effort in anything and need to feel special and praised constantly and it is really sad and hurts the game, the immersion for anyone with a brain cell is completely gone when you start noticing this.



        Can’t jack off to my video games anymore, it’s so WOKE!!!


        When did the left turn against sexual liberation?


        When did the left turn against sexual liberation?

        when it dawned on bitter, vindictive, spiteful feminazis that men find enjoyment in the sight and feel of female bodies, even if it feels “empowering” to the females to look a certain way and be “sexually liberated”.


        anything males enjoy, feminazis aim to destroy out of pure spite


        Just a correction, don’t call them feminazis, this shit wouldn’t fly in National Socialist germany not at fucking all. They are femibolshes, bolshevism embraced female liberation, abortion and all that degeneracy that today is destroying society, National Socialist main goal was to destroy marxism and bolshevism but guess who prevented that?, yeah the fucking allies, the “good guys” were and banded together with their supposed enemy (the communists) and attacked Germany, why?, because Germany NOTICED what was going on and saw the plan and they wouldn’t allow that, this left vs right thing is beneficial to them, the moment you have a third position like in germany your false dichotomy stops working and you can no longer manipulate the masses into polarization.

        Feminism = Marxism = left

        National socialist = Nationalism & NOT marxist socialism (socialism existed BEFORE marxism, don’t let them steal the term like they always do) = commited to destroy communists.

        They aren’t equal at all.


          “Can’t jack off to my video games anymore, it’s so WOKE!!!”

          That’s not an argument.

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