Resident Evil film reboot is woke trash


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      Iv’e seen the cast photo of  the TV show, and the cringe is blinding with it.

      If there was no agenda or objective to changing pretty much everyone from being a white male (or just white) anymore, then there would be no need to change it. It would be fine if it were here and there, but now it is EVERYTHING. It’s a hysteria. There actually ISN’T a need to change characters, there are plenty of already established diverse characters of genders and races to choose from. The fact is they simply enjoy pissing (making THEIR territory)  all over already established characters and stories. It’s a cult of “diversity” forcing their ONE sided ideology on everyone. It would be fine if they just created NEW characters, which they have tried but failed because these people have low talent and only care about their ideology. They get not pleasure out of that, they have to step all over stories and characters, some that are decades old. This continual forced “change” is flat out ruining all entertainment and pop culture.

      I don’t mind a race or gender swap here and there, but as I said, it’s EVERYTHING now. That is not equality, that is not diversity. If it were about diversity then it wouldn’t be this utterly singular propaganda from ONE side right now. It is a clear and present FORCED agenda. That is social and political totalitarianism.


      And here we have another example for diversity obsessed retards:

      now, within the game canon, apparently the character Rebecca has been changed from being white to being Asian. And of course out come the brainlets with their typical excuse of  “muh her race was never important to the plot”. That’s disingenuous as fuck, her race IS important to the plot because of a little thing called fucking CONTINUITY!

      Rebecca was white in RE1, white in RE Zero, white in the Umbrella Chronicles, and white in RE Vendetta from 4 fucking years ago.


      justify this nonsense Shifty, we’re all dying to see you use your side’s tired excuse about “muh it doesn’t matter to the plot tho”

      In Zero she was Eurasian, her face was modelled after a Japanese singer but modified to fit the european ethnicity of Rebecca, she probably will follow the same blueprint in the next game, as strange as it sounds.


      White skin, brown hair, “Chambers” surname. She’s not “Eurasian” she’s white


      I was referring more to the Eurasian look they gave her, rather than her canonical race, also it is possible to be part Asian while looking mostly European, having brown hair and have Chambers as a last name (considering that Jill has Japanese ancestry it’s not too much of a stretch that someone in Capcom envision Rebecca as having a similar background), what Capcom did back then was a strange decision, having an Asian model, then reducing her Asian appearance, so she can be recognized as Rebecca while also being a “shout out” to fans of that particular singer.

      Personally, I doubt we will see an unrecognizable Rebecca, I think they will follow the same route they did with Zero, judging by how they made Chris look like Chris again for RE8 after the RE7 backlash I doubt they would be stupid enough to make Rebecca look nothing like Rebecca, Capcom has this strange method with modelling, where they get a face that very vaguely resembles the character then modify it to look the part, the recent Chris as good as he looked was just a tinkered RE7 Chris,  this could also be based on a misunderstanding, since a Japanese girl was used as Sherry’s body model, meaning that in theory someone could’ve been at the photoshoot and similarly have misreported that Sherry will be Asian in RE2 remake.


      As far as the whole Jill being Japanese thing goes, I feel like capcom has forgotten that detail, it was only ever referenced in some magazine from the mid 90s before the original game was even released. Granted Jill looks vaguely Asian in the remake of RE1 but only if you were told ahead of time she’s half Asian. When I first played it I just assumed she was fully white.


      first and foremost continuity MUST be respected and maintained, thats all there is to it


      Well Shiftygism, ign just posted pictures of your precious diversity quota actors in costume(screenshots from the film), and as I predicted Leon looks like some damn mariachi singer and your precious Hannah looks absolutely nothing like Jill. It’s bad enough they got her race wrong but they couldn’t even be bothered to at least take a damn straightening iron to her brillo patch or even put her in Jill’s iconic outfit


        @Count_Swagula, where the screenshots? I wanna see




          Yeah costumes look terrible, i don’t see why they changed Jill’s hairstyle, Hannah would’ve looked great with Jill’s classic look, don’t know who the other actorrs or characters are, if i remember correctly the guy with long black hair was blonde in the game? They could’ve bleached the ends of his hair and given him a cooler look, as far as costumes go it reminds me of the live action Powerpuff Girls 🤣🤣

          Btw @Count_Swagula, you’re gonna love this 😁😁


          I’m familiar with the whole situation with Daniella Pineda, she’s an uppity entitled bitch.

          as for Jill, there is absolutely no situation in which Hannah looks anything like Jill, Jill is white, Hannah is not white.


            Well i’m free to think Hannah would look good with Jill’s hairstyle, aren’t i? And Hannah’s half white


            You can think whatever you want to think but the fact remains that Hannah is the wrong race to play Jill


            it looks like a shitty tv movie that no one would watch unless they’re high af and just want to laugh at amateur mediocrity.


            Hannah looks awesome in that pic and the hair is a huge step up. Love it!

            The first pic honestly looks great…despite the presence of Robbie Amell.

            Second pic, ok…not a very atmospheric venue to pull a screenshot from, it more than anything hurts it.

            I would’ve had the guy playing Leon shave, but whatever…nothing worth stressing out about, as long as the story and perfromances reasonably solid who gives a shit about the aesthetics?

            Also lol at TFM collectively whining about a fucking anime character not wearing a swimsuit outfit in live action. Homegirl’s response was golden. You gotta think how practical such a get up would be doing stunts. Even bigger lol to those even thinking hiring cosplayers would ever be a consideration.

            A bunch of folks living in a fantasy world.


            Hannah looks awesome in that pic and the hair is a huge step up. Love it!

            of course a social justice commie zealot like you would say that

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