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      Hannah looks awesome in that pic and the hair is a huge step up. Love it!

      Ok, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but no, the hair is definitely NOT a step up from the original character design


      They didn’t even try with that damn brillo patch on her head! Ain’t these Hollywood types ever heard of a damn straightening iron?


      Homegirl’s response was golden


      more like retarded af. she’s trying too hard to be funny and cool, but she ain’t. no one cares about her and she should’ve just stfu and wait. The costume was bad but i didn’t really care, I just wanted the show to be decent, but not now, not after the activist pineda opened her mouth, now i want it to fail. tired of activists on my entertainment. hijacking everything we like. the show is made for normies anyway.

      I bet when she got hired to play the Faye role she said: “yayy omg so cool, is cowboy bebop like an avenger?? is he friends with batman or ironman? omg like so awesome” lmao dumb hoe.


      Az wins this debate.



        Also lol at TFM collectively whining about a fucking anime character not wearing a swimsuit outfit in live action. Homegirl’s response was golden. You gotta think how practical such a get up would be doing stunts. Even bigger lol to those even thinking hiring cosplayers would ever be a consideration.

        Dude, trust me, you’re more likely to have a costume fail doing stunts in jeans than in a swim suit, ’cause guess what genius? Stiff jeans rip easier than flexible swim suits!

        Daniela’s responce was not golden, it was unprofessional, had she given an honest responce on the sorts of “hey, the studio decides the costumes, not me” or if this was her decision just outright saying she was uncomfortable in the original costume, there would still be people who have a problem with the costume, but no one would have a problem with her

        Also, if you’re reffering to Anna’s videos with you’re last sentence, she’s not saying to hire people who (maybe) can’t act based on their looks, she’s saying they have better costumes

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        What I want to know is why is it so called “revealing” outfits didn’t prevent attractive looking female actors from being able to do all kinds of action stunts back

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        I am so sick of hearing these excuses from insecure feminist BITCHES when it comes to these so-called “revealing” outfits.


        look up a series called The Lost World, it’s an adaptation of the Arthur Conan Doyle book and it ran for 3 seasons from 1998-2002. There was a main character named Veronica played by Jennifer O’Dell and THIS is what she wore for all 3 seasons and it didn’t diminish her believability as a strong, capable character who survived 11 years in a dinosaur filled jungle!

        Daniella Pineda has no excuse


        The trailer just released and it looks even worse than I thought especially that brillo headed bedwench we’re supposed to accept is “Jill” and that “allah ackbar” chanting ISIS fuckboy they got to be Leon


        Mr H Reviews looked at the trailer… and here is his reaction:

        He was not impressed at all, IIRC.


        Outside some unfinished cg, the trailer looks good. Jill looks great! Can’t wait to check it out.


        The International trailer is even better…



        She does NOT look great you cuck! SHE’S THE WRONG FUCKING RACE!


        She does look great, you bigot! THERE IS NO WRONG RACE WHEN IT COMES TO CHARACTERS LIKE THESE!

        See you in two months!


        Is there “no wrong race” if they got white people to play Ada, Carlos, Marvin and Sheva? Blade? Black Panther?


        miss me with your double standards you cuck, and quit patronizing black people with participation trophies just cause you have white guilt


          I thought the trailer was horrible. As a person who has been a RE fan since RE2, I only care about the announced RE4 remake. I loved the RE2 and 3 remakes.

          The new TV show and movie look like completely garbage. The CGI in the trailer for the movie was straight out of 1997 Spawn quality. Just BAD!

          I also dislike RE7 and 8 games, not into the FPS view. I didn’t even bother buying 8. I hated 7 so much I only played it for 3 hours and never touched it again, absolutely hated it. First time I have ever actually hated a game so much after only a short time.

        Viewing 15 posts - 226 through 240 (of 244 total)
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