Resident Evil film reboot is woke trash


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    What don’t you get about Blade’s origins being birthed during the blaxploitation era of film? That is essential to the importance of the character’s very being, you can’t cast white for that role, just like you can’t cast a white Shaft…you find some other vampire hunter in that case. There’s no reason to race swap characters like those, and you shouldn’t given how disproportionate iconic black comic characters are to white.


    There’s nothing within the story lore of Blade that declares he must be black. You are using behind the scenes trivia to justify it. Well 2 can play at that game, behind the scenes Jill is half white(French) and half Japanese, it’s never referenced in the games just like Blade being a reference to blaxploitation is never referenced within Blade’s lore, Blade would literally have to break the fourth wall Deadpool style to do that.


    so congratulations, your obsession with having a diversity quota token has blinded you to the fact Jill was already “diverse” and just like Ivy League college admissions, an Asian has been shafted in favor of less worthy black representation


    You fucktards would’ve bitched if an Asian had been cast before looking it up.



    I’ve known about Jill being half Asian for years before this crappy movie was even given the green light for production. If they cast a HALF ASIAN actor I would’ve applauded the choice. But the fact remains that in the games she passes as white, Hannah on the other hand does NOT pass as white. I have no interest in paying MY MONEY to this asinine Madea Vs Zombies shitfest.


    “I’ve known about Jill being half Asian for years before this crappy movie was even given the green light for production.”

    One would think you’d mention that before page three, if so.

    Also, the fact you’d compare a gorgeous gal like Hannah to fucking Madea just goes to show how off your rocker you are.



    “Gorgeous” is very subjective. I can think of a million white actors who not only look better but would be better for the role.


    What this is really about for you is you resent white women because none of them date you so you go on message boards and virtue signal by spouting a bunch of cliche SJW talking points to show how “woke” you are in the hope that it’ll be enough to impress the blue haired mixed girl you sit next to in gender studies 101 enough to convince her to give you the pickle tickle while you squint your eyes and pretend she’s just a very tan white girl.


    good luck mate, print this message board out and present it to Shaniqua, show her that you’re her white savior and not just some scrawny beta with a neck beard and an ungodly body odor


    I don’t resent white women at all, I just think it’s time we share some shit…but as long as we’re tossing out horseshit assumptions, what time’s the Klan meeting, bro?


    First of all we don’t need to “share” anything you idiot and it is very patronizing to think handing out what amounts to table scraps to black people is doing anything good for them. Quit treating minorities like children! And for fucks sake MAKE NEW CHARACTERS! It’s not that fucking difficult!


    as for your asinine implication regarding the Klan, I wouldn’t have the foggiest clue when they meet and I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those unflattering outfits of theirs


    lets try to find some common ground here lol

    Shiftygism, bro, I’m sure you can admit that right now there’s a trend in hollywood to tokenize characters, gender swap, race-swap, etc, right? That’s like a lefty agenda, can you acknowledge that?

    And in the other hand, I think we can say that 2 characters with race changes (one is biracial, doesn’t really count to me but still) is not going to be the end of the world and MAYBE the movie quality won’t be affected. And we should wait for more information (movie trailer, etc) and not create a boycott campaign just yet. lol

    how about that ;) Cheers


    “And for fucks sake MAKE NEW CHARACTERS! It’s not that fucking difficult!”

    That’ll never work. Case in point, Cole Young in Mortal Kombat. Fans have been asking why he even exists, no one wants to see new characters crammed into established stories when there’s actual characters they can use.

    Also, pushing for a little diversity in a cast that is nearly all-white isn’t treating anyone like children or tossing them table scraps, it’s giving folks the opportunities they deserve as much as anyone for characters that have no reason to be just one thing if their background doesn’t justify it. It’s about the performance, first and foremost. It doesn’t matter if Hannah’s skintone isn’t the same as the videogame chick you spent your teenage years jerking off to, that doesn’t make her any less capable of an actress or unable to nail such a role.

    “Shiftygism, bro, I’m sure you can admit that right now there’s a trend in hollywood to tokenize characters, gender swap, race-swap, etc, right? That’s like a lefty agenda, can you acknowledge that?”

    Yes, but it’s not a big deal in most cases (like this one) and done for a understandably good reason, it’s all about approach and if the changes made are promoted as the driving force of the production in a case of Hollywood patting themselves on the back or not. Here it just seems like giving folks a chance to play characters they normally wouldn’t. Also, “tokenize” is tossed around too much nowadays along with “woke” and “agenda” by people that can’t accept there are folks that live in this world that are different than them and deserve the same opportunities regardless of their sex, race, and sexual preference…especially when it comes to stupid shit like this which fans put way too much importance in. All that matters is them delivering good stories and entertaining films.

    Casting a half black girl to play a white one isn’t gonna prevent that.




    You are such a fucking zealot. I’m sick to death of the double standard you maniacs engage in. Make new characters and make them interesting!


    :D there you go lol


    about the tokenized term, I heard it first from Eric July aka Young Rippa, he aint a white supremacist I think xD

    But anyway, I can partially agree with both sides on this. Sometimes you don’t even need to create new characters, there are already many characters of other races in the lore that movies directors can give them a larger role.

    For example if there’s a new Street Fighter movie, it doesn’t need to be a movie about blondie Ken or Guyle, it can be about Dalshim or about Balrog. Imagine a movie about Balrog history, it would be fuckin dope, i bet no one would complain about it.
    But unfortunately we would sooner see a race-swap Ryo than a movie about an original black character…



    The RE movie is already disregarding the lore, as in the events from RE1 and 2 are happening simultaneously in the movie, since they’re obviously deviating they could give more character development to the characters of color who were already there such as Kenneth, Enrico and Marvin instead of pointlessly changing Jill and Leon just to patronize minorities with their participation trophies/table scraps.


    When adaptation characters from a game, especially characters that have existed for over 20 years, there’s an expectation that effort is to be made in making the a characters look and behave as faithfully to their iconic representation in the games. That includes skin color whether or not ignorant commies such as shiftygism like it. But that’s exactly the problem, explaining logic to deranged Marxist snowflakes like him is like explaining music to Helen Keller


    I’m actually a right leaning independent, it’s folks like you that keep me sane.

    Skin color has little importance on these characters who are paper thin to begin with, all that matters is they behave in some fashion similar to their video game counterparts. Things change. Deal with it. Hugh Jackman wasn’t 5’3 and didn’t wear yellow spandex, but that worked out pretty well.

    Also, how do we know everything is taking place at once and not via flashbacks for Chris and Jill? That would make the most sense.

    “I heard it first from Eric July aka Young Rippa”

    I’m a big fan of Rippa’s, even though I don’t see eye to eye with him about everything.


    There is no way in hell someone “right leaning” spouts your woke, anti-white racist nonsense. I’m not watching those actors tarnish the roles of Jill and Leon. And shut up with this “shit changes” foolishness, this is not a natural change, it’s a forced change nobody but social justice ideologues wanted just to push a political agenda. Here’s a change, let’s make Marvin, Kenneth and Enrico white. Let’s bring Sheva in early and get Samara Weaving or Margot Robbie to play her because “muh things change”


    fuck change and fuck morons who think change is inherently good! If someone severed your spinal cord and rendered you paralyzed for life would that be good? It’s a change so evidently you’d be fine with it


    also the director said in an interview it all takes place simultaneously

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