Response to Jeremy’s TLJ Retcon video…and how Mando may have just did it.

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    Straight up, WDW Pro’s storyline claims in Jeremy’s latest upload are pretty dumb and flatout misinterprets the lightning scene in The Last Jedi as Yoda destroyed the tree to cover for Rey as she took the Jedi texts. We know this because they show us the texts on the Falcon when Finn searches a compartment for a blanket to give Rose.

    I kinda had my mind blown however when I skimmed through the comments and saw the theory brought up by “Andy Prime”, something which feels more than just a theory as we know by time travel logic (branching time travel logic, not some stupid ass Back to the Future loop) certain things actually happened and would cause major ripple effects in a new timeline.

    Oh, and I could be late to the party on this, I probably am, it’s likely made the rounds on Reddit for months. Obviously I am…a bit, as I’m relaying the idea Andy brought up, I don’t usually pay attention to this stuff, but this time it’s too good not to…especially in light of Jeremy posting such a flawed and downright silly premise.

    Anyways, it goes like this, it’s kinda like Zelda’s timeline…

    – Vader kills Ahsoka, sequels happen…she communicates with Rey in the end of Rise of Skywalker.

    – Ezra saves her, sequels still happen in that (alt) timeline…she doesn’t communicate with Rey.

    – Ezra saves her and creates new branch of time where she lives and helps get Grogu to Luke thus changing his course possibly avoiding his “Jake Skywalker” persona and causing ripple effects if Moff Gideon’s research didn’t get out before he was captured by Mando and Co.

    This actually checks out, doesn’t require any additional hurdles, and doesn’t brush off the sequels (they still happened and elements of them can still exist in the new timeline). It’s pretty similar to what J.J. Abrams did with Star Trek for better or worse. Here, it’d be for the better.

    They’re not gonna retcon anything because they’ve already done it.


    You gotta wonder if Filoni saw all of this coming as the Rebels ep in question… “A World Between Worlds” premiered like two months after the release of The Last Jedi. He knew folks would react negatively to Rian Johnson’s portrayal of Luke and seemingly sat up a clever way by the way of Rebels and Mando (which I would think they were at least tossing around story concepts at the time) to undo all the wrong.

    That move…if true, it’s the writer’s room equivalent of this…


    That’s honestly what think too. Ahsoka survived her duel with Vader (courtesy of Ezra), and The Mandalorian completely ignores the Disney Trilogy, possibly flat out wiping them from canon.


    I also believe that Ahsoka is the one to enter the Veil of the Force to keep Sidious from escaping back to Exegul, thus helping her own former master, Anakin, redeem himself, and bring balance to the Force.


    Seriously, this would be a giant plothole of plotholes if it isn’t true…



    i hope your right but i think your underestimating the incompetence of lucas film, im just not very optimistic about it anymore, i was optimistic with episode 7, and then the last jedi happened, then i was optimistic about episode 9 and the rumors of the lucas cut of the rise of skywalker, then i was optimistic about kathleen kenedy being fired, and we see how all that turned out, every time we think they finally got their shit together, they take 10 steps back, so i doubt they will retcon the sequel trilogy, they’ll probably duble down on it, with our luck their probably gonna use the world between worlds to bring rey skywalker to the OT and prequels, she’ll probably one shot yoda in a fight and brie larson will show up and kick palpatins ass then become brie skywalker and save the universe, while preaching to us about diversity.

    this is a little exaggerated but you get the point, they have screwed the fans for years so why stop now


    The Hypenosis idiots have put themselves under to believe that Krazy KK has been removed is amazing. That bitch may be mostly powerless over the Mando show but it was still turned into nothing but Mando meeting the players that will be the next series of shows going forward this season.

    Secondly lets just point at the STONED REPUBLIC and laugh our asses off cause that is Krazy KK bullshit to a tee.

    So NO; ALL ROADS STILL LEAD to green sea cow titty milk.




    Also, where we’re going…we don’t need roads.


    So Doomcock’s latest video similarly aligns with this theory, but goes about it in an almost Mike Zeroh-ish fashion thanks to him also putting too much stock in  WDWPro’s rumors…which no one should do after him clearly making things up regarding Yoda in TLJ a couple weeks back. A lot of it however is somewhat realistic guesswork based on what seems to be an increasingly subscribed to theory as you really can’t get around what Filoni set in motion with Ezra and Ahsoka, but WDW seemingly had to once again pull things from his rearend (cut scene in Mando with Anakin’s ghost) instead of just laying out what we know which points in that direction already.


    As I said. Krazy KK is not fired.
    And Jake Soiwanker is still the endpoint. Too fucking bad cause till 2012 SW# was the franchise to beat; now its just dead.


    has doomcock ever been right about anything? i dont watch every single one of his vids, but the ones i have seen have all turned out to be wrong


    Some people say he has been.

    Some even say he was right about everything.

    But just like the accusations of KMT abuse driving her off social media, they never list instances.


    It’s not dead yet, no need to put it in the cart.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited about the property as I am now. There’s a ton of stuff to look forward to, and Jake no longer exists in this dojo…or at least it’s looking that way.

    This won’t be something they sit on long, if Doomcock is right about anything, they’ll make things clear with the Ahsoka show as they want the fans back and as fast as possible.

    2022, they gonna drop a bomb on us.





    I’m in agreement. Covid cost Disney tons of money. They are going to want it all back. Then there is the Lucas Arts revival (though with probably all different people, I actually know what happed to the level art director on Force Unleashed, He started a small buissness to teach kids how to make video games.) I can’t wait for Bad Batch.

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