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    This here is a thread for the reviews/spoilers for “No Time To Die”.






    Do you think the director’s comments are a diversion from REAL rape and pedophilia in Hollywood? He lies to reporters and says that stuff would not fly today, when any normal person knows it’s totally normal. Do you think the director is a weak person for taking on Fictional misogyny over real sexual assault that happens from his fellow directors and producers? The ones that are known to go after kids? The ones who make disgusting tweets about it?


    SJW Hollywood Destroys JAMES BOND – Will There Be Any Property Left?

    Jon Del Arroz


    Heel vs Babyface spoiler review:



    Thanks for posting the review by Az, HeelsvBabyface. There are other threads that ask how to reboot Star Wars or how to reboot Star Trek, but none for how to reboot James Bond. For me, I actually like cheesy things, so I enjoy fan fiction and especially, fan films. At first search, I could not find any Bond fan films, but on another attempt, I found a few. Fans are the ones that fall in love with characters and worlds, so I really like seeing people that are just so into it all. One suggestion I would have for Az to only consider is the idea of having a fan film contest. It’s something simple that Az, Nerdrotic and Geeksandgamers could think about in the future. It’s a simple way to get a lot of creative activity going. When it comes to Star Wars, Star Trek or even Terminator, I was really impressed by the amount of fan generated films and content. An expanded creative endeavor would be to have fan film contests are even find low budget studious you like online and commission them to produce films from scripts.


    007: I Only Need One (James Bond Fan Film)
    007: I ONLY NEED ONE
    James Bond has been dropped on a remote island where he must face a gauntlet of assassins and survive Francisco Scarmanga’s funhouse of terror. This award-winning short film re-imagines the 1974 classic, “The Man With The Golden Gun,” directed by Guy Hamilton, starring Roger Moore and Christopher Lee.

    THE BOND [4K] – A James Bond Fan Film
    This is a non-profit unofficial fan-film that is not intended for commercial use in any way. It was made for fun only. Characters are owned by Danjaq/EON Productions and this fan-film is not connected in any way to said companies.

    We ourselves have been huge fans of the Bond universe for a long time and we always wanted to create our own idea of the story. We thought about how the MI6 is going to choose their new 007-Agent and we ended up in a funny situation between two young bond-candidates. The project was created within a few days and was shot in one day in Berlin. Our total budget was 2,489.48€ .

    In The Blink Of An Eye: A James Bond Fan Film
    In The Blink Of An Eye:: A James Bond Fan Film is Parkview Music Club’s tribute to the James Bond Film Series. The production feels like a James Bond film from beginning to end, and follows 007 and his spy team on a daring mission to stop the evil plans of Blofeld and his criminal organization, SPECTRE. The film has nods to the many decades of Bond films, including a special appearance by former 007 actor George Lazenby (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service). James Bond and other characters in the film were created by Ian Fleming. James Bond Theme composed by Monty Norman. Additional Bond Themes composed by John Barry. Music Arrangements and additional score by Kevin Croxton. Electric Guitar Solos by Dean Dumond. George Lazenby is represented by Anders Frejdh. This film has no association with EON Productions or Metro-Golden-Mayer. The Parkview Music Club is made up of 4th and 5th Grade Students from Parkview Elementary School in Van Buren, AR



    I won’t be seeing this one. Will say one thing about the trailer and highlights, the scene with the motorcyle up the stairs into a jump just looks too damn cool.



    That Star Wars Girl

    Warning SPOILERS!!!

    Everyone has their favs bit in my personal opinion there will never be better Bonds than Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. Now granted Pierce’s movies aren’t as great but he fits the suave, pretty boy smooth badass British gentleman spy that makes Bond an icon.

    As a British person I noticed the bond films changed after the Bourne series, they tried to make bond more gritty, but they lost the charm and straight compress, especially they lost the British sense of humour


    Rob is really good here. I want James Bond to have the British wit, but would like someone with the confidence of a top pilot and the thrill-seeking of a top race car driver but suave about it. As a kid, it was the gadgets that I love and the car. James Bond has some slick toys. Like a high tech ninja.

    The fans seem to disagree with Rob and there are good comments. If I was a writer, I’d probably ask a lot of British SAS for their most thrilling moments and try to draw something out of that.


    My review is the first half was a bit more exciting than the last half of this 2021 James Bond film, No Time To Die. This film appears to have less action than all of the recent Bond films made since at least the 1990s if not the least amount of action of all the Bond films ever. Spoiler alert, 007 dies or whatever. I have to say “dies or whatever” because you never know as seen with Star Wars characters like Darth Maul and Palpatine. Like, your hate might keep you alive. They did say Anakin survived the lava due to his hate. So, Darth Vader ended up dying when his hate turned to love in Return of the Jedi.

    Speaking of hate, I think I hate this movie. It looks like the black chick is going to be the next star. Perhaps, she won’t be named Janet Bond. Perhaps, they won’t try to make a black female version of Bond. But it does look like they want to have future films revolve around her which I don’t mind in some ways. But what would you call a Bond movie absent of Bond? A spin-off starring her might work.

    This movie had a slow tempo and I would rather watch Austin Powers.


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    Nano Bots killing specific races in the 2021 James Bond film parallels Covid Vaccines & Company which targets black people and/or possibly other races and such too.


    Nanobots were referred to recently in the Project Veritas videos when an FDA official talked about using drone darts to vaccinate people who do not want the vaccine. This idea made me laugh for it’s cruelty. It also would be a good game or novel story. In a fiction novel, hire Gamers to put on their VR headsets and pilot drones and as ace drone pilots, fly into locations and dart people with vaxxes. It would be like a combination of Mario Kart, Top Gun, X-wing fighter as drone pilots pick off their targets in order to vaccinate the public for the government, and only gamers can get it done because they have the experience with the tech. Would be a good novel book like Last Starfighter or Armada.

    As for race specific bio-weapons, this supposedly, is already a thing. You had the swine flu and the bat flu and SARS and AIDS. Rumors that they targeted Chinese, or that they targeted blacks, or in history, the pox was used to target the Native Americans. Again, that is gossip, so whether that is true or not, we cannot say, but what we can say is that, if it was true, that it failed and so have most attempts at population control since the earth is almost 8 billion people, a number that is double that of the people on earth when Ronald Reagan was president.

    RKoutpost. Ryan Kinel



    RobotShlomo review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OC6-apeli4

    He didn’t hate Spectre?

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