RIP Disney Plus

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    They still have a second season of Mando and a ginormous back catalog of films from their and Fox’s libraries. They’ll be fine as everyone is starving for content outside of Netflix and HBO who likely have a bunch of stuff in the can.


    If they would just get off their butts and start adding the content from Fox. With that huge backlog they need to get it uploaded, even if it’s to Hulu. And whoever is in charge needs to make sure the shows are uploaded in order. Many of the Disney cartoons aren’t listed in order; specifically the Disney afternoon shows (Darkwing, TaleSpin, Ducktales) and even Phineas and Ferb aren’t in order.


    Anyone that likes anything from Fox & Disney owns it already one way or another.  People also wont like Disney CENSORING.  Disney+ is toast


    But again anyone that likes anything from Fox & Disney owns it already one way or another & now add in Disney CENSORING.  Disney+ is TOAST as without new content theres no need for Disney+


    I can wait till these shows go to amazon prime.


    I bought a year of Disney + assuming some of the Marvel shows were already underway.  Next year, just buying for a month to watch all Mandalorian Season 2 and then jumping off.  Going to get HBOMAX just to watch Synder Cut then jump off.  I’m not wasting any more money on full years subscriptions!  I’ve been had before.   I learned my lesson.


    I am still hoping for WandaVision which is supposedly done.  But not holding my breath.


    This is why I torrent :)




    I will wait till I can purchase a physical copy on DVD.


    Otherwise, I do not like these PPV – you do not own it, only license to view until we take it down, BS.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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