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    Can’t remember what stream it was, but you guys talked about Mattel toy movies and mentioned Hot Wheels.
    Chris Gore is raving about Gran Turismo, so I am watching a lot of reviews about Gran Turismo.
    Some people are loving it.

    One of the movies I really liked was Ford v Ferrari. So, if they are considering a Hot Wheels movie, a lot of reviewers are saying that Gran Turismo is a sleeper hit for gamers and that it is highly recommended that gamers see Gran Turismo. Hot Wheels needs to take notes.



    Hey @Legatus_Legionis
    I just checked out your channel. I should have a long time ago but you know how life is ;)
    I commented on you Suikoden video & subscribed. I’ll check out some of you other videos.

    Great luck bro.


    @GiggaVega  I don’t have any vids on my “channel”.

    I am a MOD on @TheRenaissanceNerd channel.

    I am just sharing/promoting his channel/streams/programs here on the G&G forums, as both he and I have been long time members on the G&G forum.  I being more active.

    I don’t share every vid of his, just his livestream programs (and the odd gaming one), and each in its own thread here.

    And thanks for subbing/commenting on @Adam’s channel/vids.








Viewing 14 posts - 31 through 44 (of 44 total)
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