Rogue One A Star Wars Story an very good Star Wars Movie?

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    I feel Rogue One A Star Wars Story is an very good Star Wars Movie. The cast is very good. I care about all the characters. Has an very good story line. It’s feel an Star Wars movie. I love that Rogue One A Star Wars Story between Revenge Of Revenge Of The Sith & A Star Wars A News Hope. I love seeing Bail Organa again. I really love seeing an younger CGI Grand Moff Tarkin.

    Are you an fan of Rogue One A Star Wars Story?



    Tarkin should not be younger. the film ended 30 minuets before the start of Star Wars. And dont get me started on the chick pretending to be Carrie. that looked even fucking cheaper.

    The mumbling fuck in the male lead needed subtitles.
    The fuck in the white cape does not exist in canon.
    The battle of shitriff actually proves that the incident in the limp jedi couldnt happen… ship tries to enter hyperspace and collides with the Devastator. Not a fucking thing happens to the big D the rebel ship turns to scrap.

    Frankly the only good part of the film was the 45 seconds of Vader going apeshit in that hallway. Yet even that is fucked cause he should have grabbed the keycard in the force and either crushed it or pulled it out of the dudes hand.


    Huh. I always thought Vader didn’t grab the card, you know, because he was being shot at. Hard to concentrate in the moment. And it’s not like the Rebels were much of a fight, he just had to get through them first. He would have gotten to it anyway if they didn’t launch the ship so quickly.


    I’m in the middle here. The director is really good with scaling things and made the Death Star look large and menacing in a way that was different than what we’ve seen before. I also think there exists some director’s version of the movie that is probably really good. What we got was decent, but flawed. I thought the space battle was well done. Of course Vader’s scene was horror at its best (even if it makes little sense for the plot). The way the character’s died annoyed me: as soon as the plot didn’t need them anymore, random grenade!

    Ultimately, it’s the best Disney Star Wars movie we’ve been given but that doesn’t make it a masterpiece like the original trilogy.


    I agree with you. It is the best Disney Star Wars themed film. However there are things about it that feel like KK changed what Gareth Edwards originally intended to play to her intersectional feminist agenda. That Vader scene was the best part of the film though, as out of place as it felt, it alone I think is why many people overlook some of the silliness in logic of the rest of the film.


    Rogue One by far is the best Disney Star Wars movie.  I like it a lot actually.  You could see how KK wanted to go the feminist route with Jyn being female, etc.  However, Felicity Jones actually played the role in such a way that you didn’t feel like it was crammed down your throat.  It was actually a good move by Felicity too because if you notice, she isn’t hated by people like Brie Larson.  I kind of give Daisy Ridley a pass.  Daisy seems to be a nice person in real life, but my God, they gave her an awful role.  They made Rey such a Mary Sue, I really don’t think there was a way Daisy could soften the blow.

    Back back to Rogue One.  I think it is a worthy addition to the Canon.

    As for the Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and the Rise of Palpatine —- I think those should be burned and buried in a hole.  Those movies are so bad.  I rewatched Mauler’s videos the other days and I had forgotten how truly awful those movies where. (I refused to go see the Rise of Palpatine though.)  I saw enough video clips though.


    Being the lest awful of a bunch of bad films isnt really a success.

    As stated the Vader Scene in the hallway was the only good part.


    Rogue One was far more tolerable than the other Disney movies. Granted, I would have preferred if they had left Kyle Katarn as part of the story in stealing the plans for the Death Star but oh well. One thing that I liked about it was how the mission was a suicide mission. None of the heroes survived to go on with the story. It gave a bit more weight to the sacrifice the Alliance had to make during the Galactic Civil War.


    My only two problems with the story are the following:
    1. Tantive IV’s inclusion in the Battle of Scarif is an issue. It’s tough to believe that Leia is claiming that her ship was on a diplomatic mission when it was literally there above Scarif. The plans should have been electronically relayed to the Tantive IV, rather than being handed off physically. You can still have Vader’s awesome scene, but have it take place in a communications array, and just as Vader slaughters the last of the rebels, the transmission completes and Vader looks at the data about the ship that received the transmission.

    2. The movie should have ended with Leia running through a panicked ship with Vader’s Star Destroyer hot on their tail. She finds R2-D2, and tells him to begin recording.
    “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi…”
    [Cut to black, sounds of battle]
    “you’re my only hope.”

    These two issues both take place in the last few minutes of the movie, so they’re easy for me to overcome, considering the amount of things I forgive in other Star Wars films. I think Rogue One is a very good star wars movie.


    Rouge One is the only good movie that came out of Disney Star Wars


    Rouge One is the only good movie that came out of Disney Star Wars


    Good….Disney Star Wars….




    Did you not even like the Mandalorian? I think that’s the definition of good Star Wars. Not anything great, just good. I think it’s possible for them to make good Star Wars with the right people.


    Mando is pandering garbage. It’s pedestrian story telling that was mostly filler propped up by Baby Yoda to make people have the feelz.


    The only reason anyone likes to think it’s “good” Star Wars is because everything else was even worse trash. A thirsty man coming out of the desert will think any cup of water, no matter how dirty, is sweet ambrosia.


    I had good Star Wars, real Star Wars thanks to the EU for over 20 years. I didn’t need a cup of dirty water handed to me and to be told it’s good.


    Rogue One is the ONLY Disney Star Wars Film I will (and have) watch more than ONCE.


    I liked how it showed the type of pressure the Empire can place on people, and how the average citizen dealt with it.

    I liked h0w it showed some of the political maneuvering Imperial officers did.

    I liked how it had a full and complete story arc.


    It did things correctly the other Disney films failed so spectacularly from.


    For the most part I enjoyed it. The major issues that I had with it were Krennic (a completely weak villain that should have been a superbadass) and Jyn (did not like her at all). It was the first signal, other than TFA being ANH ripoff, that Disney was already planning on ruining the franchise.

    Other than that, I enjoyed it well enough. The only really decent Star Wars movie Disney put out.

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