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    Ironic with the name Comortality, or rather, Comirnaty, as the Pfizer fake vaccine has been formally dubbed.

    In the following y-tube clip, Dr.Moran talks about comorbidities that leads to great hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and deaths.

    The name similarity should be a warning/red flag.




    This was being reported today:

    Israel’s most recent daily case count was around 11,000 — a level not seen since January.

    Why this jump?

    Meanwhile, Israeli health officials reported what appeared to be a waning efficacy of the vaccine, including among those who had been double vaccinated. Data showed that of the serious cases being admitted to hospital, around 60 per cent of patients were people who had been fully vaccinated, though most were over 60 or with underlying health conditions.

    And what are they blaming?

    In May, with herd immunity believed to have been established and cases dwindling down to double digits, with few deaths, Israel began easing up on its public health restrictions. Businesses and schools were returning to normal.

    Then, at the beginning of June, capacity limits at stores and restaurants were lifted, as well as for indoor and outdoor gatherings. Israelis also no longer needed proof of vaccination to enter various venues.

    By mid-June, indoor mask requirements were lifted.

    So they wanted to return to normal living.

    The most cautionary tale for Canada could be observations that the rate of infection has been found to be higher in people vaccinated back in January, compared with people who were vaccinated in April, said Leshem.

    “In simple words: That protection against infection is waning over time.”

    These results were observed in people who were double vaccinated, regardless of age or whether they were immunocompromised, he said.

    So all the more reason for big pharma to push for more profit$ and getting people hooked on boo$ster $hot$, again and again.



    The World Health Organization is monitoring a new coronavirus variant called “mu,” which the agency says has mutations that have the potential to evade immunity provided by a previous Covid-19 infection or vaccination.

    So, a new drug, worth BILLIONS to an ever “changing” infection, to be forced upon the world’s population in a never ending cycle.



    Correct me if I am wrong, but the global experience with Covid, overall, seems to have gone somewhat like this.


    • A virus appears in China and spreads. Soon, it’s happening in a lot of countries and the spread happens at a very alarming rate.

    Not exactly the first time a similar incident happened, but the first time in a long while it got so bad.

    • As a result of the lack of knowledge about the virus, but out of desire to limit the spread, most countries introduce supposedly short-term draconic restrictions (masks, stores closing down, billboards or voiceovers telling us to stay at home, etc.) on everything meant to minimalize the spread of the virus. While the most endangered group of people is identified immediately (elderly and people with pre-existing illnesses), the overall mortality rate of the virus is unknown, the lengths of infection are unknown, the infection spread rate is high, and the long-term side effects of the illness are unknown but some suggest some pretty serious stuff, the restrictions are applied to *everyone*, and when they are lessened to prevent a complete economic crash, they continue applying to everyone.

    At the time the sickness was relatively unknown, this all felt apocalyptic, but to an extent, it made sense. This all happened 1.25-1.75 year ago depending on where you live and how your country treated the initial signs of the coronavirus appearance. The short-term draconic means evolved into implausibly long term, slightly less draconic means, but my most important point is… All of the data that was unavailable and caused these restrictions in the first place by now should be more or less observed and known. The mortality rates, the issues, the potential of and likelihood of long term side effects between different risk groups after infection, the length of the infection, and how it spreads. Therefore, the restrictions and how to apply them should be something directly explained to the people, or better yet, left to the people. Governments, at least in the modern era of the Western world, didn’t ban anal intercourse and access to needles by the average Joe just because those things could heighten the spread of some diseases – the average Joe was tasked with being responsible around those things after being educated. Now that all this data exists, is there not a case to be made to thoroughly inform the Joes and Janes of any given country what these risks are and ask them “Under those circumstances, which of these restrictions do you believe make sense and should they be universally applied”. Other countries of course would be within their rights to limit people and whatnot flow with countries that had restrictions lowered too far for their tastes, but I was lead to believe in most countries of the western world the nation was the sovereign, and governments were the chosen representatives. Yes, yes, I am old enough to know I was lied to more often than not about that.


    • The rush to get the world ready to fight the pandemic begins. There’s a lot of beautiful words about international scientific cooperation and a complex response that combines existing drug testing, creation of new medicines, and production of a vaccine to combat the virus.

    There was no beautiful cooperation, and all projects on finding the means to cure Coronavirus somehow disappeared and faded into silence. Then a bunch of vaccines was rolled out, with various problems along the way, some having well known side effects, others being more swept under the rug. Furthermore, for the first time, mRNA-based vaccines were allowed onto the market after a decade of Moderna’s projects being rejected over safety concerns.

    Oh, I almost forgot : Testing preexisting medication in terms of effectiveness against the Coronavirus is not funded at all, in many cases discouraged and in some cases actively banned.


    • We enter a weird dystopian society in which everyone wears masks, multiple work-related and whatnot problems arise, many people grow depressed over their new circumstances, and contact with family and friends is limited for a while then frowned upon.

    The good part is this eventually ended, the bad part is, only the common people were facing these limitations.


    • Followed up immediately by vaccine rollout’s aftermath, that is, a weird dystopian society in which people are threatened with class divide over vaccinated and unvaccinated, folks are cancelled or lose jobs over lack of vaccination even if it is by a doctor’s recommendation, many countries just buy all vaccines and don’t offer the citizens any information or choice over which vaccine they’ll be given, and your family and friend can disown you over being a sheep for still following the restrictions or being anti-scientific or downright wanting to murder grandma over any doubts whatsoever in regards to any of the vaccines or any of the restrictions. Even if you are vaccinated you are not really allowed to return to ‘normalcy’ for long and are soon instructed to do most of the shit everyone else does, you just gain a few privileges is all.

    Beautiful, isn’t it? This is exactly the kind of world unification against the pandemic I’ve heard about at the start.


    • The vaccines are found to have an expiration date of 0.25-0.75 a year, roughly, where their effectiveness drops, and even natural immunity from coronavirus is being challenged by constantly appearing new variants. Whether the variants are caused by dreadfully low vaccination levels in some poorer countries, lackluster strength of the vaccines causing the vaccinated to gain spreader status and become a breeding ground for slightly altered versions of a virus, the lowered immunity levels of society at large from a long isolation creating many circumstances under which the coronavirus goes unnoticed, or are being actively lab-produced (whether or not the original variant was) by the very same companies earning untold amounts of money for their product, no one asks, no one researches, and no one talks about. However, the solution is immediately implied to be “n+1 shots”, where “n” is the original number of shots for the vaccine. This is implied to potentially last for a really long while with multiple booster shots over 2021,2022, and who knows how long.

    Riddle me this :

    – We know what the risks of the infection are by now
    – We know the length of the infection
    – We know the virus itself is evolving as we speak, but there’s no real increase in death rates, only breakthrough infections and overall infection spread.
    –  We know the rough length of resistance/immunity offered by the vaccines
    – There are significant rates of vaccination in all western countries of the world. For the USA full vaccination I believe is at around 53% right now. Germany 61%, UK 64.5%, even in my region of Europe it mostly hangs around the 45-55% mark.

    – We know when vaccinations started, we know roughly how long they last.

    We know the current methods of fighting the coronavirus have only been moderately successful and cannot be sustained much longer, and even the plan of near-universal vaccination is faulty as immune response drops too soon for the plan’s effectiveness to catch up and new variants form with increased rates of breakthrough infections.


    Why is the answer “Series of booster shots?” Seasonal subscription model for maintaining your vaccine effectiveness?

    Why is the answer not “We know our deadline, we know way more than we did when this circus started, we roll out one extra shot for those that need it, we focus on producing effective medication for this crap in the meantime, then we leave it to the citizens on how to deal with things moving forward – is anyone (i.e. only people in genuinely high-risk groups) restricted, why, and how.”

    Why are people in hospital still barely being ‘treated’ and mostly by guesswork of doctors over the supposed dozens to hundreds of preexisting drugs that have some level of effectiveness against the virus and application of plasma from people who went through the virus?

    Why did my brother receive basically 0 instruction on what to do or take when he got the virus, only being told to sit at home and take stuff that reduces the symptoms, and was basically deemed fit for work at the exact minimum date of being quaranteened, yet everyone is still acting like we need to maintain zombie apocalypse level of readiness?

    Why was he asked at work 2-3 weeks after his infection when he’s taking the damn shot? Why can I still not choose which shot I want,  and people who don’t want any at all are treated like they actively killed somebody half the time instead of being reasoned with why and asked what’d convince them?

    Why no one who had the shot questions what’s the purpose of even attempting to convince the others?



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