Russian Roads Led to Hillary Confirmed

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      I rarely joke.  I said Russian roads go lead to Hillary and I meant it.  Things are so corrupt in our political and legal systems that people need to hang to save this nation.

      All Russian roads actually lead to Hillary and involve a history of FBI corruption actually:

      – Russian money started to flow to the Clinton foundation – NYT article on 4/24/15.
      – Hillary sells Uranium to to Russia for another $145,000,000 – NYT article on 4/24/15.
      – Hillary sent Mueller to Russia with the Uranium – NYT article on 1/25/07.
      – Bill Clinton gets $500,000 for a 10 minute speech in Russia – NYT article on 4/24/15.
      – Podesta gets $35,000,000 from Rusnano (a Putin owned company) – NYT article on 4/24/15.
      – Podesta hides 75,000 shares of Russian stock in his wife’s account – Breitbart article on 10/13/16.
      – Foundation receives 4 donations from Russia via the HSBC totaling $2.35 Million – NYT article on 4/24/15.
      – Russia Investigation (2016-17) … no convictions.
      – Comey was on the Board of Directors at this HSBC Bank – disclosed by the FBI on 7/13/16.
      – Comey was also on the BOD during the Clinton Tax audit.
      – HSBC Bank was implicated for international money laundering – Guardian article on 12/11/12.
      – Comey left HSBC to become Hillary’s FBI Director filling Mueller’s spot.
      – Mueller then became the Chief Legal Officer of HSBC.
      – While Mueller was FBI Director was forced to pay a $1.8 billion fine for money laundering.





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        So long as the Clinton Foundation gave foreign agents/entities access to the highest levels of the dems.






        And not so surprisingly, once they where thrown on of power, the donations STOPPED completely!

        I don’t even know if 1% of the funds were given to the charitable organizations/causes they were said to have donated for.

        I prime example would be Haiti.


        Anyone who listens to Dan Bongino knew all of this for years and have been waiting for the rest of the planet to catch up,


        And she is still being protected from investigations/prosecution?



        YUP. The Department of Just Us even with a decent dude like Bar running it refuses to actually do its job.


        Oh, talking about pay-per-play;

        Project Veritas has caught the democrats (And Omar) buying ballots for $200.00 each. (Ballot Harvesting)

        No wonder they want to expand mail-in-ballots.

        They want to go to places where people most like are very poor and wont vote, give them two-hundred dollars if they just fill out the mail-in form, and “they will” insure the vote is counted.


        The idiots handing over the ballots are not getting paid its the assholes collecting them.

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