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      Let me clarify a few things for you.
      1. As i clearly stated previously, I have done charity work (and still do)
      2. I do own my own business and deal public relation as stated previously.
      3. I did address and made it clear ZS action and Uche’s actions toward the fans were wrong multiple times over multiple threads.
      4. I also did state multiple times that ZS should be confronted by someone from G&G for his words and have it clarified.
      5. I also stated and will always state and stand by the fact that “When you do charity work, you put yourself last and everyone and it first. You deal with issues quietly out of the public eye and if they do go public you show the truth and facts AFTER the Charity is over. But the Lives you are trying to change and in this case SAVE come first.”
      6. I also stated, that, you yourself pointed out they (G&G) are still “Jeremy being on FNT right now” they are still taking action.”

      To address how I would react, well I addressed that as well:

      “I have had more than a few situations come up in charity tournaments where a competitor was accused of cheating to making mistakes that could cause problems in tournaments… YOU DO NOT confront them on a stage in front of hundreds and thousands of fans both live and on tv, YOU DON’T, as you are putting the cause and the PEOPLE, REAL WORLD PEOPLES LIVES you are trying to help first and foremost.”

      Thank you and have a good evening


        1. I don’t care

        2. I don’t care

        3. All I see you doing is defending G&G

        4. No one has done this and now it’s too late. The only thing Jeremy and Ryan have done is shit on fans for criticising them.

        5. When someone publicly slanders you and connects you to MURDER, you clarify that shit right away, charity or no charity.

        6. The only action they’ve taken is shitting on people for being upset with them.

        Geeks and Gamers? More like Cucks and Gamers.


        @POCPreserverofCulture they didn’t shit on fans, they only reaffirmed their position/decision.

        Throwing a fit would have shown that G+G is actually fuelled by hatred. I understand your frustration, but your replies are a bit too emotional, maybe take a time out?


          Time out? This isn’t kindergarten, ffs.

          You don’t have to throw a fit to stand up for yourself, and I can’t understand why people think this is an either/or situation.



          @POCPreserverofCulture my bad, I took for granted your age based on how many times you were calling people cucks.


            Sorry I hurt your sensitive feelings, better grab your clutchpurse and go home.


            @POCPreserverofCulture bah… come on, I think you can do better than this. Give it another shot? 🙃



              ^Already watched, had enough of being insulted by that group of fucking phonies the first time, thanks.


              If you are done being insulted leave.

              For fucks sake no one fucking cares. They handled the incident like adults its a fucking shame you cant.


              @MrDragonbane you scared him off the platform lol



              No one “scared” me, you fucking fucktard, but if you people are too stupid to see that Ryan and Lightning completely cucked themselves out, and Jeremy doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself, why the fuck should I bother? Stupid cunt.


              No, they didn’t. Ryan and Lethal handled it like fucking cowards. Jeremy handled it like a fucking hypocrite – because he is one.


              Oh wow @POCPreserverofCulture you’re cursing, you’re a big adult. People will listen to you now. Cursing means you know things.


                I cuss, if my shin meets Mr. Trailer-hitch I cuss in a language not even Ozzy could translate to English.
                But, as i told my boys, when someone resorts to cussing, they already lost and everything beyond that is just toying with the troll, or is this trolls name really Pablo?


                Everything this reject is spewing does sound a lot like Pablo the Hutt and his long known list of lies.

                When you are working a job and someone shits on your foot you clean the shit and move on. You dont spurg out like an SJW and cause a fucking scene.


                And yes I consider a LIVESTREAM a job. If ZS hadnt shit on the fandom I think the stream could have generated 125k or more based on what it was doing per hour before he arrived. That it still made 17k after his remarks shows that the rest of the panel kept their heads on targert.

              Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 49 total)
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