Ryan & Lightning should have recused themselves from the stream

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    @Mustangride1 I also curse and @MrDragonbane sure does curse as well, but there sensible arguments and logic attached to what we are saying. It’s not just juvenile angst and name calling. I’m sure you get what I mean 😌


      30+ Years a contractor I know a little in the art of the vulgarity :)


      Oh I bet you do @Mustangride1 lol


      Construction sites are amazing places to learn new inventive ways to string words together.

      There are days I wish my knees / back could still do the work. I miss the 100+k a year bankroll.


        38 Total years doing it, started in landscape construction then found my passion in Restoration focusing on historical finally ending up with a little of everything. Blew my back out at 18 when a wet roll of carpet fell back on me in a corner, multiple broken bones cuts scrapes and even fell off multiple roofs.

        None of that was bad though in compare being to the first to a fire damage or the worse of the worse Joplin Tornado, I was there the day it hit and pretty much for 9 straight months after. Many of my long term clients affected and was really hard emotionally but also gave me and still gives me so much hope… You hear about Katrina and Sandy and those because of Politics and Media… Joplin you dont because day one people put on their boots and helped the neighbors. People around the country thought it would take years to clean up, LMAO They aint seen what an army of farmers coming from around the area can do in hours.

        Rebuilding still going on but its all about strapping your boots on and putting one foot in front of another. Way off topic but Ya lots of cussing over the years but wouldnt change any of it.



        > You dont spurg out like an SJW and cause a fucking scene.

        I didn’t say to do that, but you are apparently illiterate. I said Lethal and Ryan should have recused themselves. That means they should have left the stream.

        The opposite of causing a scene.

        As for Jeremy, I didn’t say for him to go on the stream and cause a scene. I said he should have told Ryan and Lethal to leave the stream, instead of sitting there looking like bitches. And he should have defended the fans, which he didn’t, instead of worrying about his fucking “brand”, like he did on FNT.

        Learn to read, sperg.



        @POCPreserverofCulture But don’t you think them leaving would have caused a bigger scene?

        It might have made the stream even more awkward and would have given more fuel to legacy media.

        Trust me, I understand the impulse of what you are proposing, I simply don’t agree that it would have made thing necessarily better.


        Better than sitting there and letting someone publicly slander you? No, I don’t.

        I don’t think it would have been any less awkward than Ryan and Lightning sitting there for 20 minutes saying nothing.


        I’m not entirely sure what would have been the best scenario, all I know is I find ZS and Warner’s behaviour quite despicable.


        Leaving like a bitch would give the Twatterverse more ammo.

        Fuck Twatter and stop being a cunt.


        “Leaving like a bitch would give the Twatterverse more ammo.”

        Yes, sitting there like a bitch with your head down and saying nothing is *MUCH* better. Retard.

        The only people being cunts are the ones who think that Ryan and Lightning accomplished anything and that Jeremy actually cares about anyone but himself.


        @POCPreserverofCulture I think Jeremy has proven many times that he doesn’t only care about himself.

        And people that think that Ryan and Lightning accomplished something by staying on the stream only think differently than you do and it doesn’t make them wrong.


        Must suck to be this wrong and incapable of admitting it.

        You would have shot the charity in the dick and given the Twatterverse enough ammo to end the entire Fandom over a retarded bitch reading a poorly worded legal statement.




        I’m not admitting it because I’m not wrong.

        You keep talking about twitter as if it matters what they say. They’re going to bash anyone who’s not an SJW no matter what they do.

        Twitter is irrelevant.

        The only people who shot the charity in the dick were Snyder (who bashed the fans) and the interviewers for not defending the fans and not calling Zack out on his BS and/or leaving once he’d linked the fandom to murder.

        Must be an awful life to live it in constant fear of what’s being said about you on twitter.


        Nice strawman bitch.

        Your inability to admit they did the right thing as professionals is amazing.

      Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 49 total)
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