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    So, I’m not sure how many have already watched the film but this is ONLY for those who have seen the film from beginning to end, PERIOD. Full stop.  That out of the way, what exactly did you like about it?  What didn’t you like about it? What differences (if any) was there from the 90’s anime?  I found the pacing pretty good and the background of some of the Senshi interesting.  However, Ami and Rei’s were both a bit sad; with Ami’s father being divorced from the mother and then Rei having it rough because of her parents being so busy all the time.  On the second half of the film, I recall watching some clips of the original and compared to what was shown in the film version.  Not much difference in terms of Hotaru’s former memories coming to her younger self and then the Outer Senshi getting their Crystal Forms.  However, the backstory on Nehelenia (at least in terms of the Silver Millennium) as well as Elysion, Helios, and Mamoru was quite interesting to see.

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