Saints Row gets a hipster reboot

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      Aren’t you excited? Now instead of modern day gangsters you can play as wannabe hipsters fresh out of liberal college! These are guys who “you’d want to invite to your house every day” isn’t that great? Volition just said hold my beer to all out of touch game developers.

      studio development director Jim Boone said the Saints Row reboot will bring the series into the 2020’s.

      Dreaded words. I’m surprised GG or RK Outpost hasn’t covered the story yet. Only yellowflash from the fandom menace.



      they are hijacking most companies and industries… just to convert everything dudes loved it to woke garbage, so they can virtue signal on twitter. what a disgrace.

      next will be gta…

      and on tv they’ll try south park.


      I bet I could come up with a better Saints Row than these fools who thought it was a good idea to have a hipster reboot of Saints Row. My idea would be a sequel to Saints Row 4 and have it be about the Saints and what is left of humanity landing on an alien planet where there are 4 alien factions and one demon faction.

      The 4 alien factions act like the different gangs that the Saints fought in previous games while the demon faction acts as a Ultor like bad guy who have their hands in everything. The goal of the game is for the Saints to take over different parts of the planet from the different alien gang factions and you steal hover cars and get alien homies.

      And you build your own starship base, and there are lots of Star Wars references and easter eggs.

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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