Satanic Messaging in Products

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      I always find things hidden in plain sight to be interesting.  My brother actually does marketing and product development.  Do not think for one second this is random.  The money used to create product branding is staggering.

      Google:  666 in the logo.  Every day you see it.  Also, go look at what the founders of Google are invested in with their own money.  Scary stuff there.


      Monster Energy Drinks:  The three lines that seem to make up the letter M are actually three Hebrew letters Vav’s that have a numerical value of 6-A satanic number in the book of revelation.




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      CBS:  CBS Broadcasting Inc. (CBS) is a major U.S. commercial broadcasting television network, Its logo resembles an eye which indicates to the eye of Satan.


      Disney:  Examine this logo of Disney carefully and observe the three six camouflaged in the writing of the walt Disney corporate logo. 666 is a satanic number and symbolizes satanic cult.


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      symbolism will be their downfall

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      Vodaphone:  666 in this phone company logo.  There is no earthly reason why that should be there, but it is.


      Alfa Romeo:

      It symbol features a ‘biscione’  that is a serpent eating a child.


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      Time Warner:  All-seeing eye.


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      All these logos:


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      It was said that there would become a time when everything evil will be seen as good.  All that is good will be seen as evil.

      We have reached that point.

      For a long time I didn’t buy into anything that was faith based.  I asked for signs and I never saw them.  Because I was not aware these signs where surrounding me.  Just about everywhere you could look you can find these symbols and signs that something deeper is going on.

      While I may not be a Sunday church kind of guy.  I found God and I found something within me that was being mislead.   Even those in these churches and mega churches have done everything in their power to keep me from the truth of God.

      And I can’t go and try to convince someone else of this truth.  As at the end of the day you don’t have to believe what I believe for it to be true.

      The signs are all around us.

      Some folks just refuse to see it or will actively defend the Satanic cults.  While others are just so hopelessly dependent upon the system they will do everything in their power to protect it.

      We are in the ending phases of this grand scheme.  It has been in our faces for decades and centuries.

      Meanwhile ridicule is their most powerful weapon.   If you consider these things as truth, YOU must be crazy.  Or something is wrong with you.


      I was trying to be civil and trying to meet the other side half way.  They spit on me and offer me no such civility.  Screw it.  We are past the point of talking this out. I am just hold up in my castle waiting to get this over with.   I trust in God’s plan now.   But I didn’t always.

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        It was said that there would become a time when everything evil will be seen as good. All that is good will be seen as evil.

        We have reached that point.

        That’s one thing that struck me about the “Employee Guide For Dismantling White Supremacy At Work” issued by JJ Abrams for his Bad Robot Productions employees (and their children).  The manual was released with a memo signed: “The Good Robot Team“.  I have never seen reference to this “Good Robot Team”  before.  Suddenly “Bad Robot” becomes “Good Robot”?  Haha.

        OK, so I’m also aware of “evil called  good” advisory (Isaiah 5:20-21).  The name swap probably means nothing, of course; however, I posted an image of the memo in another thread because I recognized the timely irony. :)

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        I believe the Nephilim we released from their prison in the early 1900’s.  I also believe there are connections to this in Antarctica.  Nothing going on is random.  Nothing.  The bible says the Nephilim were to be imprisoned for 70 generations.  That at ended in the early 1900s. Within 30 years, we went from the horse and buggy to splitting the atom.  We got help and it wasnt from “aliens”.


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