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    What does everyone think of the name for the new Seattle team?


      It’s cool but the logo is terrible


      It is a little simplistic for my tastes, but I’m more anxious to see how they annoy me with the expansion draft.


        They could of made a really cool Kraken logo but they just made it a S…


        They’ll probably make that the third Jersey. Why they didn’t do it for the home and away, I have no idea.


        Glad is not a fish.



          krak_1last time I drank this was about 10 years ago. It taste like shit but it gets you hammered lol I drank a bottle of it with a friend playing cards one time


          I was one who wanted THE KRAKEN name.


          I was hoping for something way more than that for a MAIN logo.

          Reading the meanings behind the various aspects of the look… OK, it makes sense.  And is homage to the Seattle Metropolitans (with the “S”), the first American based hockey team to win the Stanley Cup.


          Still, having an actual creature on the front would have been a better selling point.

        Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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