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    What is your favorite SeaWorld Entertainment park and why?


    I’ve only been to San Diego Sea World so I’ll say that one LOL.


    I only went to Orlando’s Sea World and Tampa’s Bush Garden. I know jay dislike it and find it outdated, but i like Journey to Atlantis. I think if they fix it up and add bit more to the ride, it could be a really spectacular ride. I like ancient greek mytho themeing.


    Been to all three Sea Worlds and both Bush Gardens. All of them were better managed under Anheiser-Busch, but that’s the beer lover in me being selfish. (HOSPITALITY HOUSE!!! w00t w00t!) ;)

    I liked San Antonio’s Sea World the most, until they changed some aspects of the park a few years back that separated the park into two main areas, giving them a reason to charge more for access. The newer area removed the free access to interact with dolphins and instead made a dollar store version of Discovery Cove from Orlando.

    Discovery Cove is actually amaze balls. Just so we’re clear.

    I think it is a tie now between Orlando and San Antonio and mostly just depending on the coasters. On the plus side, San Antonio has a Rudy’s BBQ outside of Sea World, which is always a great place to monch after a day of park activities.

    I would argue Busch Gardens Williamsburg is the better of the two, but I have certain biases towards it. That’s not a knock against Tampa’s location. Both are always a fun excursion.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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