Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash ride at USH

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    I went to the grand reopening of USH on Friday and did Secret Life of Pets.

    I had some humble expectation for the experience but was really surprised how much effort they put into the queue line and the ride itself.  The queue was nontraditional in that there were no handrails or big rooms with zig-zags. The queue was designed to be a walkthrough of individual rooms with some cool looking animatronics (AAs for short). The immersion and level of detail they put in the queue was so impressive I felt like I was walking through an open house of an apartment complex.

    The ride itself is great. I was concerned about it being an omnimover (Like Haunted Mansion and Little Mermaid) as it’s hard to sell the surprise factor of the effects to reset when there’s a constant stream of cars going by. I was happy to see the effects be just as effective as if it was a “regular” dark ride. It has everything it needs for a great family dark ride. Cool effects, great AAs, not too fast, and just an overall fun experience. A ride like this has been sorely needed at USH for many years and I’m thrilled to see the park I grew up with shaping up into what it is.

    Here is the POV for those who are curious:

    This would make for a great replacement for Shrek at USF.

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