Seeing Jeremy Griggs in his past Youtube videos

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    I got bored today and I for some reason decided to look at old Youtube videos of Jeremy Griggs to see his humble beginnings as a Youtuber and what his first Youtube videos were like where it was him from a few years ago. For the most part Jeremy hasn’t aged…… at all, so congrats Jeremy my man you’re aging as well as Samual L. Jackson and Jared Leto put together.

    It is interesting for me to see how nervous he was in his early videos dating back to 2015 then in the coming years to now he gained more confidence on camera then became the guy we all know and love.

    Also to me it seems weird to not see Jeremy as the main center of focus in the Suicide Squad review video, it seems almost like a comic book first appearance of Jeremy Griggs before he got his own standalone comic where we known him mainly from like how Wolverine’s first appearance was as a side character in an  Incredible Hulk comic.

    I know alot of people here on this site wouldn’t care about stuff like this Jeremy included but I find it interesting to see people’s beginnings as my way of understanding them as a person and seeing their evolution from the person they were to the person they are now and how different they are in the present and future.

    I also wonder could the people that appear alongside Jeremy in these old videos be his old G+G team he kept talking about in a few of his videos from time to time where they left on difficult terms? Cause that might explain why I never see these people in these old videos with Jeremy ever appear again in later G+G stuff?




    What a minute!

    Jeremy does not eat/sleep/live in his hats? ! ?

    There is one where he does not have it on!

    What deep fake is this?  LOL


    Did Jeremy start in 2015 and did he ever make videos before that? I started making videos back in 1996.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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