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      Coming this fall 🐲

      Just a theory, but it seems Shang-Chi lives on the west coast, so in the furure… maybe a team-up with Ant-Man? 🐲🐜

      Also, love that music 🎵

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      Hyped about ”on the ground” heroes like Spidey, Cap, Black Panther and Shang Chi instead of the boring flying guys shooting beams. This is going to be so cool I bet.

      apparently it’s filmed in San Francisco and the bus scene in the trailer is around the same place where the final battle of Ant-Man 2 happened so you’re right.

      About the music, some people claim the theme is performed by Jackson Wang, a chinese k-pop idol. Are you DigiCat familiar with him? I’ve listened to some of his solo songs and he’s very talented


        @SuperSoynic_Speed, yes i’m familiar with Jackson Wang, i konw him from the korean reality show Roommate, that show’s hilarious 😹

        Gotta say i like on the ground heroes just as much as flying and shooting beams heroes 😁

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        I don’t know. This teaser didn’t wow me or get me excited (though it is still a teaser). Also after WandaVision and Falcon and Winter Soldier, my hype for any MCU project has gone down a lot. But we’ll see


        Agree with Ryder. The trailer did nothing for me at all. I have less hype than before the trailer dropped, tbh. Marvel has to deliver with this one. China won the trade war, so Marvel had better get this right. No pressure though.


        I honestly dont feel excited for very much Marvel anymore. This + Black Widow trailers have me all “meh”


        Black Widow has me excited as it looks like a badass G.I.JOE movie we never got.


        If he doesn’t sound British, I’m out.

        This will do middling business due to a dated niche concept.


        Wait is the british accent some kind of meme I don’t get or?


        I’d rather watch Big Trouble in Little China.


        I love Simu Liu in a tv show that is filmed in Toronto called Kim’s Convenience. I am curious to watch it cause I am a fan of him, but I am always hesitant about Marvel movies these days.


        Shang Chi is a Hong Kong native who works for MI-5 with the relatives of Dennis Nayland Smith.

        But this is Disney, so….


        Marvel BANNED in China! Epic Disney FAILURE


        Looks like the Eternals and Shang-Chi may be banned in China. Both films have received backlash for two very different reasons. Disney might have two potential MCU flops on their hands?



          New trailer looks much better. Especially, with the rings. They need this to be a home run.

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